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  1. I saw that for sale on the HAMB forum awhile back, he wanted a LOT of money for it.
  2. bln55 do you know about the 31 Huppmobile coupe currently on ebay? Looks like a nice car.
  3. Regarding that '30 Willys Knight coupe, I happened to see the car headed north on a trailer yesterday in Carson City NV. I had originally seen it sitting in town on the trailer with a for sale sign at $13k. I'm wondering if it was on ebay does anyone know what the winning bid was? Just curious.
  4. You might consider adding a mid-size car from the 60's to your list, maybe even a four door or wagon since the prices are lower on those than two door hardtops and convertibles. One of my personal favorites has always been 62-64 Chevy Bel Airs and Impalas. They have a lot to offer. Time proven reliability with the 283 V8 engine and powerglide transmission. Easy to work on. Good highway performance and decent fuel economy. Tremendous parts interchangeability. Roomy interiors, huge trunk capacity. Easily updated to modern technology such as disc brakes. Will always be worth what you paid
  5. There's a '30 Willys Knight 3 window coupe for sale in my town of Gardnerville NV, near Carson City. It's not my car, just saw it sitting on highway with for sale sign. It looks to be a tired amateurish restoration but it's a nice solid car. The price is $13k, sign says it doesn't run. Don't know if that's an outlandish price or not, and it's not my car, just passing information. I could get the phone number if you're interested.
  6. Mike, I'll call you tomorrow (Sunday) to talk about the details but I'll take the hand throttle lever, two sidemount caps (I'll let you know which ones) and if you find it the light switch lever. What's the best time for me to call? Thanks Steve
  7. Hi, For a 29 Model 137 I need the chrome covers that attach to the sidemount locks. Not exactly sure what the correct name for those is. I also need the light switch lever for the dash (later car with just one lever). Lastly I need the hand throttle lever for the steering wheel. If you have any of those send me a reply with prices and shipping to zip 89423. Thanks! Steve
  8. Have you compression checked the engine? If not I would suggest that to rule out intake valve problems.
  9. I hope we get some replies on this subject, I'd also like to know how to time my '29.
  10. I just happened to run across this and thought I'd pass it along for information. Interestingly, the car is apparently in Sweden. http://www.collectorcarads.com/Franklin-Series-153/58615
  11. Tom, I've decided to remove the cylinder(s) to do the repair properly. Before I start, is there anything I should know so that I don't screw up the job? Obviously I'll have to be sure the piston is at the bottom of the stroke in the crankcase, below the cylinder, before I begin. My thought is to place a small diameter wooden dowel in the spark plug hole and rotate the engine by hand, checking how far down the dowel travels in the cylinder. Is there a better way to do this? Also, are gaskets available and if so from what source? Thanks Steve
  12. Just wondering if you could use a hose system design like the ones you see in fire stations everywhere?
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