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  1. Torpedo! Forgot about that one, and a beautiful car as well!
  2. I'm looking for what you guys think are some of the greatest vehicle model names ever created, world wide. Now, I'm looking for great names, not great models. I'm kind of curious to see what we can come up with. If you feel like it, tell a story behind the car as well as some pictures. I'll start with my two most favorite model names. 1. Jeep Gladiator 2. Jensen Interceptor
  3. I have an SFI 3800 V6 out of my old 91 LeSabre that I scraped. I was holding on to it for a spare motor for my T-Type LeSabre, but I sold the car so I no longer need the motor. It ran great when it was pulled, but now it's been sitting in my shed for 2 years. I would hate to see this motor go to waste if it could be saved instead, so I'm offering it free to AACA members. The only catch is that you have to pick it up. I might be able to get a hold of a cherry picker to load it, but I won't ship or deliver it. PM me for contact information. The motor is in Fairfield, IA. I also have the T-Type t
  4. I am so happy to hear that! THANK YOU! My buddy's uncle has an old Ford-Jeep we'd like to put the motor in.
  5. (I'm sorry if this thread has been posted before...) My friend and I bought a late 40s, early 50s Willys Jeep generator/stick welder. The welder was junk and the generator is so small that it is not worth saving. Is there any reason why we would not be able to use this engine in an old Jeep? the motor seems to have been rebuilt recently and runs entirely to well to let it go to waste. The motor is a CJ2A flathead 4 cylinder.
  6. Because I didn't pay anything for mine, and I can sell them for $10. (EDIT: I could have sold them for $10, but now the 3 foot chunk of metal I was making them from has been given away by mistake... Oh well...) I made the current one when I first started working with lathes and mills, but now I know how to run CNC, so I'm going to make a new one and personalize it.
  7. I knew the engine was Holden, and I should have guessed the Cruze was a Holden as well. Holden seems to be the only branch of GM that's been doing well this past decade. I hope they can bring the Commadore back to the US again in the near future. Holden runs deep.
  8. Anyone hear about the new Cruze diesel for 2013? I'm excited as hell. The car may not be as pretty as a '57 or '65 Impala, but it sure is a step in the right direction. If it's anything like the TDI Volkswagons, then it will hopefully put Chevy back in the game.
  9. That is an amazing amount of information!! Is it something you pulled from another site, or? I did buy that supercharged park avenue (turns out it's a 92 only 205 horse motor). I did some research, and the only electrical component that my 88 SFI and that 92 S/C don't share is the Mass Air Flow. I had that supercharger checked out, and it is good to go, so when I pull the engine for the transmission swap, I'm going to throw the supercharger on my exhisting motor and run that for a little while. I am making a slightly smaller pulley for it at school (I tweaked the old one accidentally) so tha
  10. I can't tell you how awesome that would be, but if you don't have it, that's still fine. He didn't have anyone to ask when he built his, so...
  11. That is actually something I considered, and I know that octane booster will be a frequent purchase from Arnold's. I am keeping the 93 Block, and if it's not too badly worn, I might rebuild it, or just use the heads on my block. My only concern is that I think the intake bolt patterns are different, but don't quote me on that. This car is not my daily driver, so paying more in fuel would be something I could sleep with. THANKS FOR THE INPUT! It's exactly what I'm looking for.
  12. I am a member of that page, but I rarely go there because it always seems as though everyone else rarely goes there. There are so many more active Buick users here that I'd rather just go to you guys.
  13. With the help of some of my instructors from school, I am going to follow in SteveX's foot steps and begin to work on turbocharging my BLT. Now I know I am an ameture shade tree mechanic, but I have a basic understanding of how a turbo charging system works beyond the theory of compressed air. The turbo Grand Nationals is what initially had me interested in Buicks, and the SFI LeSabre is what got me hooked. Now that I have a LeSabre worth building, I feel it has come time for me to make my dream come true by bring two great things together into one great car. My plan is to use my 59K LeSabre m
  14. No, I never bothered with a fluid change in the 4K miles I put on it. Based on what you described, the MPGs being affected by the transmission makes alot of sense. My temp guage reads about 140 when it's completely warmed up, so I thought it might be that, but 10 MPG is pretty big. My tire size is the stock P215/60R15 (maybe 65; I don't remember, all I know is it's right) again, THANKS FOR THE HELP! I'd be lost without you guys!
  15. I already know the speedometer and odometer are off in the car, or at least I presume. When I drive down the highway with the cruise at 70, on my way to school in the morning, everybody passes me, and according to my trip meter, it is a 54 mile trip from my driveway to my parking spot at school. According to my 97 which has 4 speed sensors, it is 50.00 miles on the dot consistantly (95% freeway driving) and with the cruise at 70, I pass or do the flow of traffic. On top of that, I would still rebuild the transmission, I just can't afford to do it now. It would be much cheaper and easier to put
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