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  1. Thank you to all who responded to my posting about the generator/voltage regulator problems on the '33 Desoto. I sent all of your replies to my Dad, who btw, lives in San Mateo County. He stated he already tried what was suggested, and at this point, is considering putting a later model generator/voltage regulator on the car and somehow adapting it to fit. We (I) have his 1940 Canadian Dodge (equivelent to a '40 Plymouth) and we have a spare generator for that. If we don't get anywhere, he definitely WILL call those who offered to help via telephone. He is 83 years old and has years and years of experience with these vintage autos, but has never come across this problem before. I thank all of you for your input and suggestions.
  2. Hoping there's an electrical expert out there that can help us sort out our problem. The generator (positive ground) for our '33 Desoto was burnt out, so we sent it out to be rebuilt. Got it back and the amp meter was showing it was discharging. So we took the voltage regulator and newly rebuilt generator to an auto electrical shop, where they bench tested it and we had to buy a new voltage regulator, 6 volt, positive ground. Hooked both up to the car and it's still discharging. Any suggestions from those in the know? My Pop lives on the San Francisco Peninsula, but I haven't found a shop that works with these oldies. Anyone know how to adapt a newer 6 volt generator with voltage regulator and make it fit on the car (short generator). Thanks! Margaret
  3. In addition to the water pump needed for our '33 Desoto 4 door sedan, am also looking for a fuel pump, front wheel cylinders, brake shoes, and hubcaps. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Just acquired a 1933 Desoto 4 Door Sedan that my Dad owned from 1958-1964. It's in pretty darn good condition, all original other than the rearend...but the water pump is damaged. Any leads on a replacement would be appreciated. My Dad, who is now in his 80's is very hesitant to ship off the original to be rebuilt. Thanks for any assistance.
  5. Hello: I just purchased a 33 Desoto 4 Door Sedan that has been hidden away in a shed/barn for the past 30+ years. My Dad bought the car in 1958 and sold it in 1964. It's in pretty nice shape and all original (except the rearend), but the water pump is thrashed. Would appreciate any leads on finding a replacement. My Dad who's in his 80's now and thrilled to have the car back in the family is very hesitant to ship the original out we would really like to find an original pump. (I know, like finding hens teeth). Any leads would be appreciated. Margaret (Northern CA)