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  1. Pics speak for themselves. NOS In box. I opened one and took the item out to take pics, but that's it. Make Offer. Northeast Ohio - have many more 46-48 Roadmaster Parts
  2. It's with a heavy heart that i put this project up for sale. I have been working on this car for many years and , now we are moving, and i just will not have the room to bring it with us to the new place, and it needs to go and be finished by someone else. There is a long story with this car - too long for here. But when i bought it about 6 years ago, it was a running driving car , a barn find, from Central PA. The car was driven only 10 years and parked, the car still has the oil change sticker on the door from 1958 and the 58 PA tags on it, and an insurance card in the glove box. It was absolutely complete, down to the hub caps. I began the disassembly. Many of the pieces would need replaced. Some just tossed. Some were in really good shape, like the stainless. I slowly took the car apart, and began amassing the new parts that would eventually make it new again. My hope was to do a frame off rotisserie restoration. The car as it stands is torn down to basically the body shell on frame. It's probably a days work away of just finishing pulling out some of the door glass and handles, and it culd be put on a rotisserie and pulled up off the frame. A few bullet points - The main sheet metal is all removed, bead blasted, and in primer and have been stored indoors. (Hood, fenders, trunk lid) - The blasting , primer of just these parts alone is $1000 and i have the receipt. - The 320ci Straight 8 engine has been removed, COMPLETELY rebuilt, balanced. New pistons, rods have been converted to accept insert bearings (This alone was $900), and the engine painted the original Buick Turquoise. There are a couple loose ends on the engine i didn't get finished - the valve cover and oil pan still need sent out to be blasted and repainted. But aside from that , isn't basically completely done. I have receipts. Work was done by K-W Machine in Alliance, and i have all the specs and receipts for everything. All in - I have over $5000 in this engine alone. - I have purchased a CUSTOM fit Lebaron Bonney interior. This is NOT a random interior by the local upholstery guy. This is the HIGH END interior they use on show cars. The pieces are custom cut to specifically fit this car, using the old templates. The fabrics are period correct - not using current materials. Wool thread, etc. I have the complete interior for this car , in boxes, the headliner, truck linings , window piping , seat stuffing - EVERYTHING. There was literally nothing for this car that could be bought, that i didn't buy. Check it out for yourself: http://www.lebaronbonney.com/- this cost $3800 and i have the receipt. - The car has a Dynaflow transmission, it is completely rebuilt. The rebuild kit and labor for this was like $500 - I had the radiator completely redone at Mackey Radiator in Akron. Completely new core, repainted, ready to drop in. I can't find this reciept, but i know it was near $500. - The stainless, as a whole, is in very good shape. I meticulously looked at each piece, and logged which ones were good, and which were dinged, etc. and then started replacing all the pieces that we needed new. I HAVE all the pieces, which is the good news. Most are ready to be polished and go back on the car, but there are a handful which will need work. - The chrome will need completely redone. But it's all there. - The sheetmetal has 'some' rust - but it's certainly not a disaster. The fenders, hood, etc all cleaned up VERY nice with a blast and primer. The worst spots on the car are in the rear. The wheel well where the spare goes has a big hole that will need mended, and also up inside the wheel well has some mending needed. But all in all, this is a solid car. The buyer of this car would idea have some welding , sheetmetal experience. The biggest part of what is left is bodywork. - The glass is all there. None of the main pieces are cracked. One of the side windows has a crack up in the corner, but it's not terrible. I could probably go on and on here. This is a photo of the car the day we got it. i literally drove it down my driveway and into the garage. Here's some pics of the blasted and primered sheetmetal, and also the big boxes the interior is in. It's never even been out of the box! Here's a couple 'dream' pictures of a similar car - this is what i always hoped it would look like when i was done. I have well over $13k in this car. I know i won't get that for it, with it all tore apart the way it is. I would really love to see this car finished, but someone who would enjoy it. Please - no trades, no lowball offers. I'm not going to let something like this go for nothing. I would rather part it out if it came to that point. I just have to sell it because we are moving and won't have room. Come and see it , that's really the best thing. Click here for ad and pics http://akroncanton.craigslist.org/cto/5454446636.html
  3. I can get pics of this if need be, but i took the radiator from the car and had it completely rebuilt - which means about all they reused was the top and bottom - the cores are completely new. Ready to drop in. Over $500 invested - make offer.
  4. http://www.ebay.com/itm/201496678432?item=201496678432&viewitem=&vxp=mtr Selling these on ebay right now as well, shoot me an offer if youre interested. Thanks.
  5. I have not taken pictures yet , but am planning to soon. Just wanted to get the word out. I started this 48 Roadmaster 70 4 door Sedan project a few years back, and am neck deep in it, and to be honest , it's just too much. I do not have the time and money to finish it, and am just going to sell off what i have , and junk the rest. When i started this car it was literally a running driving car , that had never been touched. So, i have pretty much every single piece on this car... somewhere. I am in NE Ohio, I revise this post as i get pictures and such. But here's some of the stuff i have. - Hood, Both Front Fenders, Trunklid - all media blasted to bare metal, and then primed. They have been sitting indoors in primer for the last couple years. Very solid pieces. I also have all the Fender and Door extensions, blasted and primed. A couple of them were in bad shape, but most of them were very solid. - Original 320 engine - COMPLETELY Rebuilt. - I literally have over $5000 in this engine, which is complete, on a stand, and ready to drop in. Never been fired. Completely stripped down to bare block, machined, bored, hot tanked, and rebuilt. Probably better than it was when new. She's a beauty. Painted in the correct turquiose paint for 48, but of course you could always repaint it if you wanted to. New pistons, Re-machined rods to accept insert bearings(This alone was over $900) , Turned crank, New lifters, the list goes on. The intake has been blasted, but not painted. The exhaust manifold is unfinished. The center section had a crack, and i had a shop trying to work on it and see if they could repair it, but so far no luck. They actually still have it, and i need to get it back. I have all the additional engine pieces, which could be discussed if you wanted them - ie: distributor, generator, carb, air cleaner, starter, water pump, etc. - none of those items have been redone though. - Almost all the exterior stainless on this car was very nice - if there's a piece you need , let me know. I even have several pieces of NOS i was able to find over the years. - **New / Untouched Complete LeBaron Bonney Interior Package , custom cut, specifically for the 4 door ** - If you have seen anything that LB produces, you know that it's high quality and correct. This complete package cost near $6000. This is the whole ball of wax - Seat covers, foam, burlap, headliner, truck interior, piping - every single thing that LB makes for this car, i bought. It's all still in boxes, never even taken it out to look at it. ** NOS Amber Fogs - I have a set of Amber Fog lights for this car, they are in a box, i need to go dig them out to see what brand they are , but they are original from the time, not Reproduction. They're beautiful, and correct for the car. ** Original Dynaflow Transmission - Rebuilt Please let me know if there's something specific you're looking for, i'm sure i probably have it. I haven't thought about it enough to price everything. If there's something you're interested in specifically, message me privately, and i'll go take pictures, and we can work something out. Thanks so much.
  6. Mike, I know I talked to your truck driver friend a while back, but then never heard back from him. Does he have the items? Or do you still have them? Thanks!
  7. Still looking for a lot of these items. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks!
  8. I have been looking, but i cannot seem to find much of a market for used rotisseries. I guess people just buy them and hang on to them. If you have one, and are looking to sell it, please PM me. If you'd be willing to rent it to me (with a deposit of course), please send me that info. I'm in Ohio, but would be willing to drive a bit for the right deal. Thanks.
  9. I am in the middle of my 48 Roadmaster 4 door restoration. There's a lot that I need. Probably too much to actually sit down and write, but here's a sampler of some of the things I"m looking for. But I'm certainly open to listen if you have nice quality items, shoot me a message and a price. rpavkov@maxonlift.com rocker panels The front door, both sides, triangular glass (smoker's window) - mine the glass is bubbling. If yours in nice and clear, I'd be interested in those. Both sides, side view mirrors, mine were completely shot. both sides, rear doors, tri-glass (smoker's window) - mine , the chrome trim is all rusted and trashed. if yours are good, let me know. spare tire jack the four 'buick' aluminum floor scuff entry guards, mine aren't great. Let me know how yours look. Inside rear view mirror Interested in hearing about any NOS / Excellent Cond'n Items you may have. I'm in Ohio Thanks all..
  10. Mike, I am interested in the 2 pieces you show, as well as anything you have, that I mentioned - especially the pass side version of what Pete posted above. Please email me with prices and freight to 44201. rpavkov@maxonlift.com , thanks so much.
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