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  1. Peecher as Jim points out the starter has three bolts on this rig. Then you have the flywheel in front,the frame underneath,the exhaust pipe on the outside, the block on the inside and the motor mount behind. When I put this engine into the car I installed the starter from the front pushing it between the block and the wheel well when I had the front off the car and the generator off. At that point I only wanted to see if the car would start and run and it did. So now I am taking the front off again and will be rebuilding the front suspension as well as the steering box and timing gear and dis
  2. Fred. How about some pics of your project? Love the 58,59 and 60 Lincolns. Fuse panel on my 60 is under the hood,on the firewall on the passenger side. Didn't know the 58 was under the dash. Pete
  3. That's pretty neat Skip. Must have been something to actually touch the Batmobile/Futura even if the paint was not nice and shiney. The dull paint may have been for the movie film as shiney sometimes isn't good on the film. Pete
  4. Hey Skip. Ya I knew the Batmobile was the Futura but what most people don't know is that the original Future sat outside behind Barris' shop for years just rotting away. Barris brought it out when the movie makers asked him to create a car for Batman and that was the last of the original Futura. It's really hard for me to imagine a car like that being relegated to the "behind the garage" place in the scheme of things. And now we will never see the Futura in real life again. What a waste. The 56 and 57 Lincolns are as close as you can get anymore. Pete
  5. I was hoping for an easy solution to this problem because removing the starter from this beast is a real chore. You even have to loosen the motor mounts and jack the engine up to get it to come out. Another Ford idea I guess. Thanks for the heads up Paul. I'll see how much ambition I can muster in the spring. Pete
  6. This is all great info for me too. I have a 60 Premiere that will no way start when it's hot. The new battery will barely turn the engine over until it cools for a couple of hours. I'll get some new cables and see if that helps. Pete
  7. Excellent work Paul. One of the best looking models I've ever seen. Certainly far better than i ever did. Thanks for posting your work. Pete
  8. I watch the old movies all the time mostly to see the old cars. One that was really interesting to me was "It started with a kiss" where a 56 Lincoln Futura was featured. This was the car that was found out back of George Barrises shop and ultimatly converted to be the first batman car. Too bad too as it was a stunning concept car. Pete
  9. In 05 I bought a 60 Lincoln from a guy in Houston,Texas with no title. I did have a bill of sale and possesion of the car but Florida would not title the car. I heard of a place in Alabama,Birmingham I think,that would take my bill of sale and title the car in their name in Alabama and send me the title. I then took the title to the Florida tax office and they transfered it to me with no problem. I think it cost me about $200 to get the Alabama title but it was worth it to me. Took about 5 weeks all together. Maybe this is the way for you to go. Worth an email to find out anyway. Pete
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