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  1. I believe this is on the trunk door of a 1937 Graham Supercharger, but i'm not positive because I can't find hardly any pictures of this model. Am I right? Does anyone know the value of this emblem? No cracks and in excellent shape for it's age. Thanks again!!
  2. Can someone please help me identify what year and model this emblem is from? It's approximately 4 & 1/2 inches and is in great shape. I have searched for hours trying to find out more information on this and i'm not coming up with anything! I would really appreciate any information and possibly a value for something like this. Thanks!!
  3. Thank you so much for replying, you saved me numerous hours online and probably a few headaches! Thanks again!
  4. I don't know anything about this other than it might be an enamel emblem from the early 1900's. It's approximately 4 & 1/2". I'm looking to sell this and I have no idea exactly what it is and how much it's possibly worth. I would appreciate any help that anyone can give me! Thanks!!