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  1. Thank you i will take it up to 60 and see how it goes, appreciate your advise thank you.
  2. My manual does not quote a tension for the cylinder head bolts, just a tightening pattern.. Searching this forum resulted in a suggestion of 65 to 70 lbs ft on a Buick of a similar age. Can anyone advise the torque setting for the head bolts of my 38 6 cylinder (223) flat head.. Most grateful russ
  3. Leaded fuel didnt come in till the 1940's, 43, i believe, so the 38 wouldnt have used it when it was built, so it should run fine on unleaded, I may well be wrong on this.
  4. My 1938 Pontiac 4 door 6 cylinder has 3 mounts, one at the front of the engine, two at the back of the engine. I bougt new ones from Old Time Autoparts 6220 Grand Ave Duluth, MN 55807 You can find oldtime on ebay. $48 odd dollars
  5. Drivers door quarter glass regulator needed. Russ in Australia.
  6. Howard maybe if you pulled your head out of your ass you might see you add nothing constructive to this forum.
  7. Thank you all for advice and opinion. While i respect original, I have 80 stationary engines that are original and as a collector I respect history. Im not srouting about reliability, The wiring loom and every other electrical thing in the car is stuffed, been underwater. Asda a barn find it has no blinkers/radio or even tail lights. 6 volt stuff is almost impossible to get in Australia. Wound'nt even know where to get a 6 volt battery. as I will be rebuilding the car from the ground up, 12 volt will go in, I'll let you know how I go. As engineers you should respect the flexability and availability of the material around us and utilise it.
  8. Thank you I have read them, but as the total wiring needs replacing and all the other issues spoken of in other posts like lights,dash etc need to be renewed anyway, the only issue is the starter, I will try to find a 12 v that can be adapted, thanks for your view, but an upgrade must be possible.
  9. Restoring a 1938 Pontiac, any suggestions in regard to updating to 12 volt particularly the starter motor, adding an alternator is fine as is renewing the wiring, help would be great. russ