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  1. I have the chance to buy a 1930 dist. I have a 126 buick standard 27 the housing is brittle & falling about (1926 Housing)
  2. What is involved in making a 1930 Buick Dist. work in a 1926 Buick? Could someone help me please thanks greg
  3. john I found a 1930 buick distubuter, will it work on my generator. Will the the advance timing blake come with it, mine looks different. thanks greg
  4. Do any body have a distubutor housing of a 26 27 buick standard, that they could send me pictures of or tell me where i can get a book with pictures, or whick distibutor would interchange
  5. do you have a dist housing for a 1926 or 1926 buick standard six thanks greg moore
  6. Do anyone out there have a distibutor for a 1926 buick standard 6. I will consider a 27 through 30 distibutor that I think would work. thanks Greg Moore