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  1. Thanks, Greg. Solid advice; I had a friend that experienced the challenges with the 6 when he installed a 350 Chev. Ended up with a narrowed Ford 9 inch for diff...and there are quite a few TR4s with aluminum V8s, indeed a more straight-forward job.
  2. Thanks, Steve. It will fit a TR6 as well, which would make for a great power-to-weight ratio! Also an aluminum block Buick/Olds/Rover V8 has been fitted to early TRs, so that gives potential in the engine area, as well as keeping it to the era. Thanks, John
  3. I have a 1963 LaDawri Del Mar - a kit car body produced in the late 50s/early 60s in Costa Mesa, CA, from a 20 year slumber in a heated garage. Info here: https://www.undiscoveredclassics.com/forgotten-fiberglass/la-dawri-coachcrafts-1963-catalog-a-feast-for-your-fiberglass-eyes/ Selling the body, keeping the chassis. $2500 OBO. This one fits TR3/4 and other cars with a wheelbase around 88"...in this case, it's been bonded to a TR3 tub, which needs some work; the trunk is solid as well as firewall and that area, and I'm including full-length new Roadster Factory TR
  4. Hello, AACA Forum readers, I'm writing my MA Thesis on Frank Lockhart, and will be producing the first book-length biography on Frank, his cars and career. Seeking any unpublished stories or photographs, or personal anecdotes, also records of all his racing career finishes. Thanks in advance, John Bayer VA Beach, VA The Frank Lockhart Biography Project: Home
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