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  1. the firewall padding is very flammable i set one on fire one time put it out with water . it was a real fast scared me bad bad bad. that padding is like cotton with gas on it puFFFFFF !!!!
  2. i was born in 1961. on 12 21 69 the house burnt up total loss . only cloths on body. even my bike. scared of fire. 1976 house burnt . total loss but not my bike. i was only one home i was washing my bike with the hose at the time i looked up and i saw smoke coming out the top of house . we had a very shallow well it was out of water. there was no way to put out the fire. it was so big it pulled the door out of my hand and then slammed it shut! i ran and called the fire dept. we lost everything again. ....... i have fire extinguishers every where.. every car 4 in the rv . 5 in the house .2 in the kitchen. my motor cycles have fire extinguishers. they are not in the way! you would think they would be in the way but no! there is a real big one right behind me now in the dining room. FIRE BAD . FRANKINSTEIN!!!! . .
  3. was there ever a Edsel ranch arrow . in the land down under . over seas. mexico . Canada . England. or any where! . :confused:
  4. its my car .north of down town tulsa 75 hi way it came from canada.i just did a google on edsilrancharrow and your ? came up so i joined and replied. its a small world. its not an american car. so to speak kinda
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