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  1. The hood sides bolt to the cowl at the top and clip into a u brkt lower down the cowl(black in the photo). I see a hole on the cowl where maybe a rubber bumper was? anyone know if the hood sides hvae some anti-squeak on the cowl? Thanks Mike
  2. Correct, you solder on your horn wire within the indentation in the brass collar of the upper column bushing. There is a spring between the upper column bushing race and the steering wheel and the cup with the hole in it acts as a washer when you bolt down the steering wheel. The horn button then snaps into the cup. The contact plunger lines up with the hole in the cup. Mike
  3. Hi Grant, if you have the 40 Pontiac Arrow then it's all Chev whereas the 40 Arrow Deluxe and Arrow Special Six had the 224 motor and were a hybrid of Pontiac & Chev in Canada. Regardless I believe the Steering mast jacket was the same as I have a 40 US Banjo wheel on my 39 Arrow (ie. Chev) and it fits and works fine. The horn button design was more elaborate depending on which wheel. Which one do you have? Mike
  4. Hi Trevor, the horn contact wiring is the same as 37-39 Chev, the upper steering shaft bushing is insulated from the steering tube and the live horn wire attaches to this bushing. The horn contact plunger rides on top of the bushing and transfers 6v to the spring loaded nipple above thru the hole in the horn cup and eventually ground when the top of the horn button is pushed down against the rubber+spring. I am not sure if the horn pad you found would work as the Pontiac deluxe wheel horn button is bigger, California Pontiac Restoration would be a good place to try. Also the horn contact plunger maybe different, you could measure your existing one. I believe I have a NOS one as I am using the 40' flexible wheel on my 39. Mike
  5. it's a one year part for a 1940 Pontiac with the optional ornamental or "banjo" steering wheel. Mike
  6. The rad core support brkt and the radiator mounting is different between the Chev & Pontiac. The rad dimensions are close but the Pontiac rad flange is a flat whereas the Chev is not. If ordering a new rad, you just need to provide dimensions so with a angle iron flange on both sides it could mount (sit flat) to the stock rad support. Mike
  7. The hood side fronts bolt to the nose shell and the rears clip on to a U brkt bolted to the side cowl. Because the cowl is wider than the nose shell there is a slight angle to the brkt (ie. not square). It looks like this.. Mike
  8. Anyone out there with a correct 39 Pontiac that can help me with the hood support? The spring loaded hood support attaches to a hole in a bracket on the firewall. This bracket could be installed with the hole up or down.. I have seen pics of 39's with it up and some down! It seems it would determine how high the hood opens? Thanks, Mike
  9. I have a 1940 Pontiac deluxe wheel and I am trying to figuire out how the horn ring gets assembled on the steering hub exploded view: https://www.pontiacregistry.com/members/viewtopic.php?t=1935&view=next&sid=e5a53b73c2b68b3ce281cf7d29b2308b<!-- google_ad_section_end --> there is a double insulated horn cup with a hole in the bottom of the outside cup. Does the spring loaded plunger make contact here? How do I adjust the horn ring so it just sits above the spring plunger? Anyone have instructions in a shop man? Thanks, Mike:confused:
  10. Hi, I am trying to install the horn contact ring and cup on a 1940 Pontiac deluxe wheel and was hoping someone has a description on how to do it. This setup has what looks like a 2nd lock nut to hold down the horn ring cup against a breville washer. Here's a exploded view of it.. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14325332/40%20pontiac%20flexible%20wheel%20horn%20button.jpg Anyone out there can help?:confused: Thanks, Mike
  11. Do you know what model the car is? The model 25's can have a flathead or 224 (Chev OHV) engine like the Canada cars or if it's 26,28 or 29 the flat head. Mike
  12. interesting... I suppose since it wraps around the center cup it may work. I checked Steela & Ca Pontiac Rest and it doesn't look like it is even repo'd so I will try that! Thanks! Mike
  13. Excellent! Thank you for digging that up for me.. Now I can see how this goes together and I am missing some form of spong/rubber bumper for the horn ring. Mike
  14. Does anyone have a picture or know how to connect the horn button/ring onto a 1940 Pontiac deluxe steering wheel? I think I am missing a part.. :confused: Thanks, Mike