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  1. CorsaTurbo180USA - Robert Gold's 1961 Lakewood 700 Hello all, This is our third "feature presentation" of Corvairs owned by members of Corvairs of New Mexico , a chartered CORSA (Corvair Society of America) now in our 37th year based in Albuquerque, NM. Approximately once a month, I feature one of our members cars in addition to my own on my website. This is a way to showcase and show off what we have here in our state. Every year and model is represented in ownership in our club. It's also a way to let you know what's going on in our region. This June 3-5, we continue the annual "Tri-State C
  2. John, I know of cars-on-line.com, ofcourse ebay and craigslist. I should mention that we have some nice "rust free " 4 door w/PG Corvairs that are or may be for sale here in Albuquerque. There's always the added expense of shipping but sometimes it actually works out to be cheaper in the long run when you're starting with a car that doesn't need body work. Let me know if you need further assitance. Larry
  3. Larry- you're right and once anyone re-installed with vitons , you were done with it for a very long time. Biggest issue for some is just re-adjusting the valves and getting that right. Larry
  4. Beautiful 1965 convertible and beautiful BC setting. Is that a Canadian built Corvair? My truck camper is BC built . Think they're out of business now-Kelowna area It's a Vanguard. John_Maine. One really interesting part of your story was that your local dealership didn't want to work on your 64 Corvair unless you bought it there. How times have changed? But, I think, the truth is that alot of dealerships were not properly prepared to work on them and one example was when O-rings went out and mechanics went to replace them-think aluminum heads, well everything except the piston barrels was
  5. Yes. I found it on corvaircenter.org on the forum titled " Corvairs Down Under?" and there's are pics to go with it. Check it out 60electra225. Corvair Center :: Corvair Center Forum
  6. Ever see a 455 from a Tornado in the engine compartment of a Corvair? I have. My experience with Corvairs started in 1965 now known as LM (late model-65-69) I have heard about early models and fumes and assume , like you, many others experienced the same thing. But personally, I don't know. I can see some minor gear box , dashboard, automatic shifter gas pedal etc. everthing escept the sun visors challenges but agree that Corvairs would be amongst the easiest to convert to right hand drive and I know that there is a thread about that with pics on corvaircenter.com and I need to search that.
  7. Hello 60Electra225, Very interesting. I recall hearing of Tatra's many years ago but frankly had forgotton about them . Your reply to my post made do a goodle search . Fascinating history of this company and various vehicle produced over the last 100 + years. Amazing. Also spotted a Tatra concept car I liked very much. Anyway, as a Corvair owner and enthusiast, of course I would highly encourage you to help keep this important automobile alive . I recently ran across a post featuring someone who was converting a late model Corvair convertible to right hand drive but don't recall where that was
  8. Bob, Thanks unfortunate that your chapter disbanded. Corvairs of New Mexico celebrates it's 37th year this year and as membership chair, I intend to work hard to bring new and younger member into it. Plan on doing a lot more higher profile events as it starts to warm up . Thanks for chiming in . You got an interesting eclectic collection. Larry
  9. Bob, Very nice 1965 Monza. Do you have a CORSA chapter club that you're involved with? If you have been to my website , I would invite you to do so. In addition to mine, I am starting to feature other club members cars. About one a month from Corvairs of New Mexico. CorsaTurbo180USA - Our Feature Presentation Several pages to view. Well, you've had a lot more Corvairs than I have. It's a good thing I simply don't have room for more than two.
  10. I think that, in the final analysis, the market changed, GM could see it coming with the mustang coming on strong and Shelby getting ivolved with the GT350 etc. It's not that they were paying attention -think 64 GTO, but from everything I read , GM got raked over the coals by congress for some lying and indescretions and wantd to spite Nader and appear to not have him win. But I think the main reason was that the world had changed and afterall the Corvair was expensive to build, shared very parts with others Chev. products and the winds had changed. I had those trombones on my first 65 that
  11. Well, Ralphie boy probably never drove my 1965 turbocharged Corvair Corsa . He would have found it to be a kick in the pants which is exactly what someone should have done to him. It's not his fault. His mommy made him.
  12. Thank you John_Maine. I couldn't agree more. I have been a fan of the late model Corvairs since we bought one in my senior HS year in 1965. If you are a fan of 63-67 Corvettes you can thank the designers of the Monza GT which in my opinion morphed into the 68+ Stingrays. These are clearly found on late model Corvairs and for my money the latest verion of the Camaro. Anyway, thanks for sharing your story and interest in one of the most important American automobiles ever mass produced. Again, please check out my website for more great examples: here is a link; CorsaTurbo180USA - Our Feature P
  13. Thanks Dave, I'll save this email and who knows, maybe we'll pass that way . Thanks, Larry
  14. Dave, You've got some great stories. Hope this doesn't offend you but usually when I've seen a Crosley, it's been at the top of a pole advertizing an auto repair. Seriously. I'm here in Albuquerque, New Mexico and invite you to click on this link: CorsaTurbo180USA - Our Feature Presentation to view some of our Corvairs. I'm still working on getting more pics up of other members cars . Every month I will feature a car from our chartered club , Corvairs of New Mexico , now in it's 37th year and my car (s) can be viewed on the page called "In the Beginning" . I would also invite you to comment
  15. Thanks Dave A, Actually , I had never heard of an Eshelman golden Eagle. Ran your post on corvaircenter.com forum and got some interesting answers and info. It created an interesting thread. So thanks for you story and info. The only thing that surprized me was that you had a 65 Monza that had a three speed. Every 65 Monza" I ever saw had a 4 sp . Perhaps it was special ordered to save money or a re-badged Corvair 500 which would have had a factory 3 sp. Anyway, very interesting. Thanks. Crosley's huh! Just saw something recently about the Crosley community here -quite a dedicated group.
  16. Hey marlin65. You should post that on corvaircenter.com forum. There would be so much interest in your Canadian 500 .
  17. Thanks to all. I am so glad I posted this question. What a fantastic response !! This morning I went to a local winery to inquire about doing a photo shoot there as it would make a wonderful backdrop for a 62 Corvair wagon (red) which is the next to be featured on my website and the first thing the person who was helping me said was "hey, that was my first car. It was 20 years old when I got it. A 1960 coupe. Loved that car". So, I hear that alot. Restorer32 , we don't have a 12 step program for former Corvair owners. It's ok to admit you owned one (humor) . Please check out my website for s
  18. Rusty, Can't say I would blame you . A 911 Targa or otherwise is certainly a special car to own and enjoy. Back in 74 , I had $100 down on a 914 and then backed out. One of my many lifes regrets. For me Corvairs are just sort of tied to my early years and are more than a car. I'm retired now and this is just one way for me to get back to the things I enjoyed as a young guy ...and affordable. My Corvairs have to compete with my love of fly fishing, photography and travel. Only so much money to go around. The thing I like the best is going to show and answering questions about my car. Sometime
  19. Never had an early model Corvair . My first was 65 Monza coupe 110 4 sp. I did a lot of mountain roads in that (Colorado) and it did fine. But when I got my first set of radials , man what a difference. I had amazing control . But you know, they're all different . When I drive my 65 Corsa it feels so different than when I drive my buddies 65 Corsa. Lots of aftermarket upgrades available through the years to improve handling.
  20. How cow Steve, You were really into it. Love that pic. Hope you can get back to it. Check out some great example we have here in NM : CorsaTurbo180USA - Our Feature Presentation Larry
  21. Hey Bill, I've been there. Have pictures with that same light house. Beautiful spot and very nice 64 coupe Larry - Albuquerque, NM
  22. Wow, some great responses and amazing collection . My life with Corvairs began in 1965 when I was a HS senior. Never a thought in my head about them before that. My folks bought one and and I fell in love with the design and that 110 power glide was a good little performer. Sometimes you get lucky. Lot's of folks had lots of problems. I trade my own 65 in 1971 for a 71 Volvo 142s (wish I had that one back) and never got back to Corvair until 2006. And now I'm on my 3rd one. They make for a great hobby car and in todays classic market and affordale one. Check my website : CorsaTurbo180USA - O
  23. NJ has some great Corvairs and active clubs. Thanks for responding Larry-Albuquerque, NM
  24. Hey Charles, There are some great mid-engine examples out there that are post crown conversions. Also some rear mounted small blocks . Google Images has some great pics. I guess when you think about it , there a]are about 1.5 million former owners. We have a few great fully restored 62-64 spyders in our club. One is for sale ! Thanks for responding, Larry Yoffee -Albuquerque
  25. Ever think about owning one again? What year/ model etc. did you own?
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