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  1. Wow. Yes we do, in fact, have a tape measure. I'm asking for my husband, who built our other classic car in our backyard, so I guess he knows what to do with a tape measure. Thanks for replying, though.
  2. Hi, Mark! Ebay isn't like Craigslist where you pick a city. The listings on Ebay can be from anywhere, even other countries. It's like a global marketplace. Some larger items will have "local pickup only" in the shipping information. I know a couple of people that have purchased cars from a seller on Ebay and they had to go and pick up the vehicle (Of course, you can hire a transporter). But the point is that on Ebay the sellers are not separated by geographical region. If you are not sure where the seller is located, you can send a message to the seller and ask by clicking on the sellers name which is located in the upper right hand corner of the item's description page. By the seller's name in parentheses is a number like this (55023) that tells you how many items they have sold and under that is the percent of people that gave that seller positive feedback. I never buy anything from a seller with less than a 99.0% percent positive feedback, and I like the seller even better if they have sold many things and still have a great feedback rating. With cars, you may encounter someone who doesn't have any sales record-they just became a seller to post their car for sale. That's o.k but just be careful. I would want pictures of every inch of the car and it would help if I could message the seller with my phone number and they would call so that I can ask questions and actually hear the responses. To pay for most things on Ebay, you use PayPal. You can message me if you need to know anything else. Sherry
  3. Hello, everyone! My husband and I just purchased a 1949 Buick Super Sedanette Fastback and we are trying to find out what the exact wheelbase is, as well as some other measurements for the suspension. Does anyone know where to find this information? And maybe where to find out how many were made and how many are on the road today? We would appreciate any ideas for looking up this information. Thanks! Sherry
  4. I have a 41 Packard 110 2 Door Sedan. Does anyone know a way to find out how many of these cars were made? Maybe by the VIN number? Thanks, SherryR