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  1. My rear bumper mount for my 1930 DC dodge needs to have the recess for the spare wheel taken out of it ,but I am having trouble finding someone who can work spring steel. 2 enginnering places have refused to work it, and Industrial Springs here in Adelaide won't look at it either. WHO do I need to fix it - a Blacksmith?? - they are getting abit hard to find . Any suggestionsout there. I need to take the woof out of it due to it fouling the petrol tank cover. Kevin BC
  2. Ian -Sorry I didn't reply earlier, must have missed your note - I already deal with AA, they came up with the last cone in captivity, but of course I needed 2 - Have dealt with them for years Regards KBC
  3. Jason Have sent you a email with a sketch attached Kevin BC
  4. Thanks Jason, I think I have mentioned it to a friend of David H, and together they didn't think they were available any more, thats why I was trying the Forum, as I thought someone might just have one lying around, or know where there might be one. I have a antique bearing place here in Aus who is looking at getting a batch made, so when that occurs there should be some on the market, but I was hoping there might be one left in the world so I could get my steering box together Kevin
  5. Jason Don't have any idea really, probally the same as the 1930 DD 6 dodge, but DA ????. I think without verifying, that my mates Budd body DA's steering box looks very different to mine. This box has a inner cone, bearing, & outer cone both ends of the worm on the steering column. The inner cone is a Timken 12, the outer cone is a Timken 10, and the bearing is a Timken 11. The DC parts list list it as a "WORM THRUST BEARING ASSEMBLY" 2 of required & has a part No of310163 & a code word of TYEKU.Don't know if this helps at all. I could I was just talking with my mate , John Courtney,and he said he had had quite a bit of contact with you . regards Kevin BC
  6. Can anyone help with obtaining an "Endangered Species" a inner cone for a 1930 Dodge DC8 steering box. I have obtained the last one in Australia I believe, but of course require 2 for the job. Had no trouble getting the bearings and the outer cones, but could only get one of the inner. Cone is a Timken 12 - Any contacts in the states that might be able to supply, would be greatly appreciated. Kevin BC
  7. Does anyone know how the 2 inner bearing cones on the 1930 DC dodge steering shaft go on,and how is the best way to get them off, and also what holds the worm on the shaft & stops it from turning - Doesn't look like an easy solution, but who knows, perhaps it is not that bad Kevin bc - Australia
  8. Yeah Joe, The Dodge 8 only has a 14" blade, and that only justs clears the harmonic balancer, and the lower radiator hose. the speed wagon blade is approx 17" so would have to have about a 1 1/4" machined off. Am sitting on this one as I have just had a new radiator built, and when the car gets on the road, it hopefully wont need the 6 blade fan, but thought it was an opportunity to get one as an option, when I saw it on EBAY for $11. - Too good to pass up. Will add a photo or two soon Kevin
  9. Hi there Have just recently purchased a 6 bladed fan for my 1930 DC 8 Dodge. It came of a "DODGE SPEED WAGON" of 2nd WW vintage, matches the same bolt holes on my pump, but blades have to be machined down for my car so they clear hoses & balancer. cheers Kevin BC
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