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  1. Hello! Looking for parking light lenses and trunk emblem (on the left) and front grill. Thank you.
  2. Guys, does anyone have 1940, 40 series with side mounts? Can anybody take some pictures for me, please! I would do this by myself if I would live in the country of Buick, but I am from LADA country. =)))
  3. Dear Grant, if you know these topics with the pictures can you please give me a direct link, as i cannot find any of them.
  4. Dear Terry, thank you for your links, i met them some time earlier... the pics i am looking are detailed pics of the space between the spare wheel and the engine wall. and the picture of the inner space of the fender to see the how the wheel recess mounted to (supported by) frame, and how it linked to the fender wall.
  5. Good note Ben, i am talking about 40 series. Grant, I always try to use search first, and than to post the question. And sure I checked this our, and find a number of posts, but but somehow no pics. Anyway, I will try to search again, but if someone have these pictures, still appreciate.
  6. Happy New Year to Everybody! As I want to add side mounts onto my 1940 Buick Coupe, please help me with detailed pictures of the sidemounts from top to bottom and also mounting hardware and if possible with dimensions. Will deeply appreciate your help! p.s. I have original sidemounts covers, the rest i will do by myself
  7. Dear Mates, Might be I am dreamer from Russia, but I looking for CORD 810/812 pop-up headlights with dash hand cranks. But drawing or at least detailed pics will be more than fine, if someone can help ))
  8. Thank you guys! I am in the team39 than ))
  9. Hello Danny, Mates, I am really love "I'm happy to talk '39 Buicks all day" attitude. And I wondering if you are still in such mood, as recently I got another 1939 Special Coupe from McLaughlin, and will have a tons of questions when I get to the restoration process closely. I will create separate topic for my finding a bit later.
  10. Hello there, I got similar plate from 38 Century back seat. H60033 and some small logo on the right side. Have no ideas what is it, but will check another coach from 39 Special McLaughlin
  11. Hello Grant, Interior looks great! Can you please advice, where did you get the floor mat for 1939 coupe.
  12. Dear David, Thank you for BTT, and for sure I went through this topic, but re-read it once again with more useful info founded. I am just wondering if Alexander completed his project/ Have you seen the result? My part of the vehicle history is a bit different as I got McLaughlin, and the bad thing that significant portion of the information from the TAGs were missed. As we agreed by email the most interesting thing is how the left hand Canada's Buick come to Europe and got the German language Tag? Canadian embassy/corporate version looks very natural. I think the Russian part of the history of my Buick is quite obvious and common as for the rest of 55k indemnity vehicles from Europe with only difference that such fancy 2 doors coupe car most obvious had celebrity Russian owner. Difference form Alexander's Buick is that I got very solid body (even 2 original rear rims) and interior maintained with love. But missed engine and front-end welding will give my project serious headache. David, I am very much value your advisory and your warmth toward any request appeared here in AACA. Thank You!
  13. Hello. Sorry for keeping silents for some time. As I understand 39 shop manual is the complement for 1939 changes to the 1938 shop manual. If you have more Buick books, I would consider to buy them as I am in restoration process of Buick 1939. I will cover shipment.
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