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  1. *Misspelled "regulations"... We are currently fixing up a 1973 Buick. Interior all orginal and like new. Carpet is a bit faded between driver and passenger in the front and the bench seat has a rip where the driver sits. Other than that, looks like it did in 1973. Even the AM radio still works...The exterior is a whole new story. Quarters need replaced and a few other things. Anyway...It has "3-point" seat belts that are two separate belts in the front seats. The shoulder harness latches to the lap belt buckle. I know alot of classic cars feature a plain lap belt. (Sorry, not sure what this belt system is called exactly) Is it legal to take the shoulder harness off? It only took one bolt to take off from the inner roof of the car. Any opinions are welcomed! Also, I plan on being a active member here. I may be young, but I looove classic cars!
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