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  1. Thanks for the reply's,I think I will try and get them repaired and if I can't I will look back at these reply's and get some made,I like the old style.
  2. Hi Tom , Don Summers makes them,I didn't expect the high cost,my old ones are stainless,they might be able to fix them but 2 of them have bad dents,one with a rip.Thanks for your help. Tom do you know what the six numbers on the fire wall of a 1936 Packard 1400 are used for,they don't match my registration 6 numbers. Thanks Don
  3. Hi,looking to buy luggage rack spears,4 straight and one top one that has a curve.Polished stainless.Max makes them any other places.
  4. 37gman

    Wood grain

    Hi,I used a company called Tarjack,They are located in Waterloo,New York.Their Web sight www.tarjack.com.
  5. Dose anyone know other people that make the 5 Spears out of stainless.Max has them at a high cost.1936 Packard 1400.
  6. Hi,I am replacing the soft top on a 1936 Packard 1400 and I can't find a vender with a kit to replace the soft top.The hard part to find is the formed metal that holds down the material.The metal that was on the Packard came in two sections with rounded corners.Dose anyone Know of a vender or company that makes the metal sections.
  7. This is the tool I came up with,I used a brake line flaring tool and a piece of stock.Put the cone shape tool in the rivet and pressed it on a piece of stock.This was an idea that Seldenguy posted ,he used a pair of pliers and a piece of stock.Thanks for the replies.
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