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  1. Hello everyone, I'm not by any means new to cars... but I am new to Desotos. I was recently given a 1956 Fireflite. It's a 4 door and is pink and brown. The car has front and rear AC, a record player on the trans tunnel, power seat etc. The car is in fairly good shape for its age. The body is seemingly fairly solid and the paint is decent by my standards. The engine is mechanically sound, the fuel system needs to be gone through, probably could use brakes etc. My classic automobile knowledge is mostly limited to Fords. My question is... what exactly did I get my hands on. Are these cars considered rare? I intend on getting the car to "driver" status. I'm going to end up needed a carb and some other normal maintenance items. Who carries parts for these presumably esoteric cars? I know thats a lot of questions. I thank everyone in advance for their info! -Clayton