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  1. Best wishes for everyone! From Russia wirh love!!!
  2. How can I show to you?
  3. Many years ago I have met my friend with his car Niva Pickup. I liked tis vehicle very much, but couldn't buy it. This summer I have found it! It's awful condition: rust and gapes averywhere, Now we decides to rebuilt this car.
  4. I wonder, what was the way of infliction letters on a truck's board? Now we are just print images and glue it.
  5. Thank you for your site! I had about him have never heard!
  6. I am interesting in pre-war cars, like Duesenberg, Buick and so on.
  7. Thak you for supporting! I can sho you rare russian and Soviet car in our city. I hope it will be usefull and interesting for people
  8. I think so either. I'm a motor-oil shop owner. I live in Saratov. My English is not very good, but I'm sure, it does't matter. If you have any question about russian car - I can help you.