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  1. Been really busy, I'll get some pics up soon.
  2. Bob, thanks for the info. Any pics of your 36's?
  3. How many were produced? Do you have a link to POCI? This car is a 2 door "hump back" sedan.
  4. I'll post pics this weekend. You have any parts for sale?
  5. Not really sure what all I need yet. I'm picking up the car this weekend. :cool:
  6. Jim, are there any companies making parts for the late 30's Pontiacs?
  7. You can still get these camshafts from a few different places. Check out Pontiac Overhead Cam SIX Forum Forums
  8. I'm big into 3rd/4th generation firebirds ('82-'92 & '93-'02). I've never seen a hardtop 'vert. Can you post some pictures? If not, check out ThirdGen.org , its pretty much the best web resource for those cars!
  9. He loves the plan. Nick, glad you sold the '53 and are building the '37. Can't wait to get my '38 Pontiac home.
  10. Recently purchased a '38 Pontiac and found this site on google. Hope to meet some cool people and find information on the car.
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