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  1. I have been trying to find the auction results but Google doesn't turn it up, and RM isn't updated. Do you have a link?
  2. I'm a bit confused because I thought the Spezial Roadsters all had low-slung door tops without roll-up windows, and this appears to be a Cabriolet A with the high-top doors. Interesting, though, that the video takes place in the postwar Nazi haven of Argentina. EDIT: Okay, I stand corrected based on further research. Door shape doesn't matter.
  3. I don't have the Melin book, but I know that the bumpers on the 500K Spezial Coupe are completely chrome, while the bumpers on the 540K have white inserts, and the 540K's steering wheel is wrapped in light tan leather as shown in the RM Auctions listing linked in my post above.
  4. Speaking of the Caracciola 500K coupe, does anyone know the truth about the interior/exterior colors? Can't find any color pictures anywhere. Exterior: Medium or dark maroon? Interior: Wood trim on the dash top like the 504K Spezial coupe or leather? Steering wheel: White, black, wood or leather wrapped? Any help will be appreciated.
  5. On another note, I'm trying to gather information on this particular 1933 SS, which supposedly at one time was owned by German showman/producer Willy Forst. The most recent time I saw it was on a TV show featuring a classic car meet in Salzburg. Does anyone know about this car? The Mercedes Classics Center could only find basic specifications. One particular question is the unusual manifold design, which appears to have 3 rather than the typical 2 ducts. I'd love to find some shots of the other side of the engine. I am grateful to Boris and Rainer Schlegelmich for allowing members of their sit
  6. As tilomagnet noted above, there are lots of nice images of the 540Ks to be auctioned by RM on Saturday RM Auctions RM AUCTIONS I also recently found a couple of shots of the blue Spezial Coupe, listed as a 1937, which appears to have Swiss ID.
  7. My glasses work fine - nice shot. You're very fortunate to have one of the best-designed American cars ever, especially appealing as a convertible. Here's another 3D shot I found a few years ago while researching vintage Mercedes...
  8. Thank you, gentlemen. I appreciate your responses. For the record, the kit I am using is based on the 1937 Phantom III below, which was owned for many years by aircraft designer Ed Swearingen in San Antonio and is currently in the Toyota Museum in Nagoya, Japan. This is Freestone and Webb coachwork, which is extremely hard to find reference on. Though F&W built nearly 200 bodies for the Phantom II, they provided only 14 bodies for the Phantom III, based largely on the financial imprudence of Mr. Freestone, who drove the company into bankruptcy.
  9. I never knew that. Incredibly interesting. Would this create any special attention to the headliner? I ask this because I am embarking on a build of the model below...
  10. What is the role of a fabric/canvas cover on the roof of a vintage hardtop car without a sunroof?
  11. Gathering research material to build a 1/12 4.5L Blower Bentley model. Does anyone know the functions of the circled dashboard items?
  12. A very nice man. I had an occasion to call him out of the blue with questions relating to Exxon ads I was creating, and he gave me all the time and information I needed.
  13. If you scan the color you want, you should be able to do an RGB color conversion in Photoshop.
  14. There are endless stories about my four Alfas, notably door handles and turn signal stalks made of pot metal that could easily crack and snap (and horrible Marelli wiring that could self-immolate). The worst part, though (particularly in '59 Giulietta Spider and '66 GT Sprint) was the fact that the spark plugs were mounted vertically in a recess between the cams. Puddles and rainwater could settle in the recess and foul the plugs. Always carried towels with me as a result.
  15. I could go on forever on this topic. Grace Kelly's Sunbeam from "To Catch a Thief." The 6C 2500 Alfa Sport from "My House in Umbria." By the way, this was a made for cable movie; thoroughly charming with an all-star cast; if you haven't seen it, it's better than many theatrical films.
  16. Not to mention the drivers. Hope they wore goggles.
  17. Thought you might want to check out a show on the Speed Channel this afternoon on the Helicron Propeller Car. 4:30 pm, Speed Channel.
  18. I was really sad when I saw the pictures of the disinterred car. I was a little kid living in Tulsa when it was buried, with great ceremony, as part of the celebration of 50 years of Oklahoma statehood. How the car would look when unearthed was always something back in the recesses of my mind.
  19. I visited Barris' little showroom in L.A. back in '72 and there were a few movie/TV cars jammed in there including the Monkeemobile and the Batmobile; I was surprised to see that the Batmobile had flat and fuzzy paint that was very rough to the touch, unlike most photos you see now that show it with a shiny finish. Evidently, the black paint had been electrically affixed to the body using metal particles. (Of course, when I say "the" Monkeemobile or "the" Batmobile, I assume they were originals, though film productions typically will have one or more duplicates.) PS: There were four TV Batmobi
  20. Just last month, I bought a model kit of that car and tracked down a VHS of the movie. Interesting to note that the movie producers changed the show car color from a frost/silver/blue to red because the original color didn't photograph well.
  21. Google image link: 1963 jensen cv 8 - Google Search
  22. Uhhh...I thought that was MY wife. E-mail me.
  23. Usually known as Richard Arlen. Lots of B westerns and a few TV appearances toward the end of his career.
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