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  1. On another note, does anyone know the difference between the two following carburetor/air intake setups? This first one is a fairly typical SSK engine. Note that there are two air intakes above the carburetors that enter the cylinder head; each one has a hose that goes down and attaches to the side of the oil pan. This second shot is from a 1933 SS W 06 Sportzweisitzer (Cabriolet A) that I've posted a while back in this thread. Note that there are no hoses going from the large intakes, but there are three smaller ones, with connecting hoses, that are attached to the cylinder head. This is evi
  2. I have been looking for an overhead chassis image for the Mercedes SS-SSK for quite some time, but can't find one. Does anyone know where the battery is located and what type it is? EDIT: Never mind, I found it in my original owner's/tech manual with the electrical diagram. The battery box is attached to the left frame rail under the seat. Going through my references, I have a lot more than I remembered. It's tough getting older.
  3. Just a note because I can't start a new thread anymore. The new Home Page looks great, but it takes forever to load and to navigate away from. I have a very good broadband/fiber optic connection, so that's not an issue. Any ideas on trying to start a new thread?
  4. Does anyone have a clue about the background or current location of this 1906 Bianchi, or where to find photos of the original? All I know is that it's a 15-20cv coupe de ville by Molle. EDIT: I recently heard that it's in the National Motor Museum in Torino, Italy, but I still can't find any pictures of it.
  5. Rock Hudson, not Cary Grant. Supposedly, that Horch had belonged to Eva Braun. Here are other cars that are said to be in the Klein stash, including at least 6 Miuras...
  6. This may be the last picture of the Caracciola 500K before it disappeared into Klein's storage. Supposedly, that's Rudi Klein on the far right.
  7. A scale model (the Jo-Han version I posted above), which I want to add to my collection of vintage Mercedes memorabilia and archive material.
  8. Anyone who wants to know more about the Caracciola 500K should run quickly to the newsstand/bookstore to get the February issue of Town & Country, before it goes away (I got the last copy at my Books-A-Million today; Ali MacGraw on the cover). It contains the most complete history of this car that we're likely to see in our lifetimes (due to the eccentric nature of the brothers who own the Porche [sic] salvage yard in South Central L.A. - sons of the last owner - where it lies on flattened tires under layers of dirt, and is unlikely to see the light of day again). The article has far more
  9. Alsancle, that is an extremely distressing story about the Caracciola 500K. However, your information did lead me to further images of the car (photos of it are almost as rare as the car itself): The only color photo I've ever seen... This is from a Russian site, evidently at Pebble Beach... It was apparently in this era that Jo-Han created their 1/25 model kit, having access to the actual car with chrome wire wheels and whitewalls... I've never found interior shots of this car. And it seems odd that your photo on the docks has a different license plate number than the factory photos, which
  10. Apparently, it does go both ways. This past weekend, a Mercedes Gullwing with some minor restoration inaccuracies went for $2 million. That's nearly twice what I've seen them sell for.
  11. It strikes me that vintage/classics at Barrett-Jackson get no love, and go for prices far lower than places like Coy's, RM, etc. Why would someone put up an Auburn in front of the muscle car audience? I'm watching the auction now on SPEED TV and am surprised at seeing some of these cars go for less than a Super Bee.
  12. Yes, this is a 35 Spezial Roadster that seems to have the same lenses. But I swear that some 500K models have different ones. I guess I'll never get to the bottom of it.
  13. From what I've seen, the 540K Bosch lenses seem to be more convex than the 500K, but this seems to vary dramatically from model to model.
  14. This question relates specifically to the Caracciola 500K Roadster Limousine (coupe) and similar. Does anyone know if the large headlight lens is clear or if it had a pattern? These seem to show a flat/ clear outer lens with a separate lens housing inside.
  15. In case you haven't seen it, Speed network is replaying an hour show on the 2011 Pebble Beach classic Mercedes auction, interspersed with the 125-year history of Mercedes-Benz. Very slickly produced. Eastern times: Tonight (Sunday) the 15th 11 pm, and Monday morning 3 am. Friday the 20th at 1 pm
  16. Margie Petersen, who started the Petersen Automotive Museum with her late husband, Robert, has passed at 76. Margie Petersen obituary: co-creator of automotive museum - latimes.com
  17. RM will be auctioning a Voisin C25 Aérodyne coupe in London. Estimated price of around 300 GBP. It also has those lousy struts from the radiator to the fenders. Pictures and article here: 1935 Voisin C25 Cimier - Images, Specifications and Information
  18. You can click on these photos at the link above.
  19. I just got this e-mail from ultimatecarpage.com 24 shots and an article http://www.ultimatecarpage.com/car/4913/Voisin-C25-Aerodyne.html
  20. I've seen no reference to a plaid in the Caracciola 500K, though the subsequent 1936 540K coupe was supposed to have debuted at the 1936 Paris show with a cloth interior and plaid seats, introducing the entire 540K line, but the interior was changed to leather soon after. The show car, supposedly, was a dark brown and many years later was changed to the dark red for which it is known today. I assume the 1936 540K show car had seats looking something like this, which was far in advance of the famous SLR and 300 SL racing plaid. As for the 500K? I doubt it had plaid.
  21. Does anyone have a clue about the interior appointments of this car, the 500K Spezial Coupe given by Mercedes to Caracciola? Does it have a full wood dashboard like the 540K Spezial, or just a top bar of wood with a leather dash face? Is the steering wheel black, white or wood? This car has disappeared from modern view.
  22. Seeing driver and passenger in that shot, the car seems smaller than I would have expected from the other shots.
  23. Just found the results of the top 15. RM Auctions Monterey 2011 - Sale Results
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