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  1. Latest reference I could find. Not listed currently in the Blackhawk museum collection.


    This is from Pebble Beach 2009:


    A couple of more pictures here:


    In other news, the 1928 Saoutchik Torpedo Roadster sold last week in Monterey for $8,250,000.


  2. Question: I am confused about conflicting information regarding Lauren's Count Trossi SSK and The Black Prince. Are they one and the same? I've found pictures identified as The Black Prince that differ from the Trossi pictures (different fender treatments, mostly), and the Lauren book doesn't use the term "Black Prince," nor does the information at Paul Russell's website. Hard to find authoritative answers on this one.

  3. As contrast to that '540K' coming up for auction, I find the 500K Cabriolet A that Gooding&Co is presenting at Scottsdale absolutely stunning.

    1935 Mercedes-Benz 500 K Cabriolet A | Gooding and Company


    The body of this car and the 1928 - 1934 SS are very similar, in fact, nearly identical, though the SS had 3 exhausts. I wonder how much was adapted and more of the story.

  4. Hey, Al. I came across an RM Auctions page and it appears you (or your father?) owned this car for a while. This seems like a silly question, but there aren't too many 540K Cabriolets to look at here in East Tennessee, so let me ask this:

    How does the canvas convertible boot fit over the down top? Are there slits in it to accommodate the landau hinges?


  5. 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Cabriolet C

    Order # 219611

    Engine # 130913

    Body # 200338

    This 540K Special Cabriolet C is a custom-built and one-off design by Sindelfingen, the Daimler factory coachbuilder, expressly commissioned for Mr. William A.M Burden, a great, great grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt.

    Mr. Burden was an American financier and automobile enthusiast.

    He was Assistant Secretary of Commerce for air 1943-47, US Ambassador to Belgium 1959-61, and Chairman of the New York Museum of Modern Art.

    The second owner, a reporter for the Long Island Press drove the car for many years. Upon his death, his widow met with Mr Jaffe and sold him the car in 1963.

    Mr. Burden seems so interesting that I looked him up online and came across this 2010 memoir about the family by Wendy Burden, which looks like a witty and fascinating read. It's called "Dead End Gene Pool," and I've got to buy it.

    3.10.10: Dead End Gene Pool | New York Social Diary

  6. I don't have a dog in this fight, and this is so obvious to say, but Daimler/Mercedes as a company was certainly part of the Nazi war machine, along with other auto manufacturers and many famous brands today, and Uhlenhaut, Porsche, et al, spent a brief time in prison after the war. It is also claimed that many car manufacturers like VW carried on wartime production with Nazi-provided slave labor. But personally, I think it's not productive to carry such observations further.

    In any case, there's still a lot of choice among pre-Nazi and postwar German cars.

    The sad fact is, if everybody decided to boycott products from any nation with a past of dastardly deeds (including the U.S.), nobody would buy anything from anybody, and commerce would cease to exist. Want a Ming vase? Those Mingies really knew how to kill people.

  7. I had a discussion with a friend recently and said that for the 500K and 540K, plus others, that chrome wire wheels were not standard and were available only by special order. He replied that he thought these cars were ONLY special order, with no standard production models and no real dealership or showroom network. I had to admit I didn't know. I just assumed there were standard catalog versions, with options and special orders available, and the cars could be purchased through authorized agents.

    Road & Track said they were "often" purchased by special order. Does anyone know about the distribution process, or have any numbers about production sales vs. special orders?

  8. It will, just maybe not for 20 or 30 years. Eventually everything comes out.

    I think it will either rust away before then, or go up in flames. Have you seen the pictures of the salvage yard in South Central L.A. where it's stored? That place looks like a tinderbox.

  9. That would be interesting. I don't think I would bet against it.

    Unfortunately, I have recently heard from a contact who is involved in the negotiations, and they have basically given up. He doesn't think that car will ever see the light of day again.

  10. I have a German version of this manual which I bought on eBay about 5 years ago, under $100 - it's in such perfect condition, I'm sure it must be a reprint, but I can't find any experts, even at Mercedes,who are aware of such a reprint. It looks like it just came off the press - no crimps, no yellowing of paper (which exactly duplicates other Mercedes manuals), with crisp type and illustrations that make me think they at least used the original plates. There is no printing date or such information on it, and it even has a loose slip of paper noting errata. The seller didn't know its background.

  11. I couldn't find the Pre-War Mercedes thread, so I thought I'd just mention to aficionados that Bonham's will be auctioning an original, English language version of the SS/SSK instruction manual at Goodwood on FRiday, June 29. This is right up there with hen's teeth. Even the Mercedes Classic Centers don't have one.

    Bonhams 1793 : A Mercedes-Benz Sports Cars instruction book, for SS and SSK models, English text, June 1931,

  12. On another subject that you may find of interest...Alberto de Oliveira, a Portuguese modeler who passed away last year at 85, specialized in large-scale Mercedes (typically 1/8) and he was building until the end. Everything was scratch-built using wooden bucks and metal, some of it simply upsized from existing kits, and he had a friend with Mercedes who supplied him with vast amounts of reference. He also was a collector of zillions of Mercedes diecasts. The web pages are in Portuguese, but you can see his accomplishments in the images. His son is trying to sell the entire collection, asking around 90,000 euros.


    Construction process:





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