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  1. Thank you Brian, for sharing this link to the ebay auction of this beautiful maroon '42 Roadmaster! The color is gorgeous and so appropriate for this car! Since '42 Buicks are as rare as hen's teeth, it is always a pleasure to see one. I agree with TG57Roadmaster that of the 1942, 1946-48 C-body Buicks, the '42s are the most desirable. The interior seems to be better finished than the later 1947s and 1948s. This car would make a wonderful companion to a maroon '42 Roadmaster convertible coupe (photo below) that I believe was once part of the Domino's Pizza Car Collection. Now if only a maroon
  2. The 1965 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport coupe and the lesser Impala Sport Coupe have always remained in the shadows of their respective predecessors ('62-'64s with the simulated convertible roof line and the bubble top '61) on the collector market. Ironically, the 1965s were the #1 sellers when new with the Impala Super Sport reaching its peak that year. Many also agree that the styling of the full-size Chevrolets also reached their peak in 1965. In fact, all the 1965 full-size GM cars look great, particularly the semi-fastback 2-door hardtop versions of the Buick Wildcat, and Pontiac Bonnevil
  3. Attached are photos of our one-family owned 1973 Buick Regal as a testament to my faith in the original Simoniz paste wax. The 38 year old factory applied paint is 100% original, and has been protected by Simoniz from day one for the first twenty years. During the third decade, Meguiar's paste wax was used until 2005 when I purchased Simoniz online and have used it since then. For a car that was built on September 1, 1972, which was a Friday before Labor Day, the paint still shines reasonably well. Joe
  4. Here is my two cents worth. My favorite car wax for a finish as you described is the original Simoniz paste. I first started using this product back in the sixties and found that it produced a shine like no other car wax on the market. The only drawback is that you need a lot of time (at least half a day). I haven't found this product in the everyday auto parts stores in recent years, but have managed to buy it online at https://detaildirect.simonizusa.com/Store/default.asp?categoryID=531 Joe
  5. Thanks Don, for your observations on the boattail Rivieras. There was a beautiful '73 Riviera GS Stage 1 in Burnt Coral with a Saddle color interior that was sold at the Art Astor Collection by RM Auctions for $20,900. in 2008. Pix attached below. The '73 Riv does have a beefier look to it with the fed bumper up front. The '71-'72 Rivieras with the pointed, leaning front end and hooded headlights do resemble the front end of the full-size 1965 Chevrolets which in itself is not too bad since the '65 Impala Sport Coupes are one of the prettiest Chevies ever made. However, it is just uncharacte
  6. My comment was in reference to the second series or generation of the Riviera (1966-1970). As far as the first series Riviera (1963-1965) is concerned, I concur with Don that the '65 is a desirable year as a facelifted car. The hideaway stacked headlamps behind the twin "LaSalle grill" pods were originally intended to appear on the '63 models, but could not be engineered in time for production. In addition, the revised '65 with the ribbed rocker panels and the insertion of the taillights into the rear bumper did not disturb the styling of the original '63. So in this case, the '65 facelift did
  7. Hmmmm...thought about this matter when I was at the magazine rack of Barnes & Nobles last night. Seems like that Collectible Automobile and Hemmings Classic Car were the only two decent publications devoted to either original or restored to factory specifications type cars that mirror automotive history. The rest of the car magazines were geared to hot rodders and the big wheel group; folks who prefer to re-write his own automotive history. I guess the same principal applies to televised media.
  8. The facelifted '68 Buick Riviera did not do any justice to the beautiful original '66 design. In my opinion, the sleek '66 Riviera is one of the glamourous cars of the decade with near perfect proportions. Seems like someone with a heavy hand took some sand paper and sanded down the sharp lines of the '66 front fenders, replaced the elegantly detailed front end of the '66 with a ponderous grill/bumper combo with chrome plating galore to make a '68.
  9. Chris- Brian (L) had sent me an e-mail regarding the thread on your beautiful 1971 LeSabre. I am really sorry to know that you have decided to sell it. In my opinion, the '71 GM full-size cars are not only historically significant, but they are also the most aesthically pleasing too. The Buick styling is perhaps the best in this group. My aunt also had '71 LeSabre Custom coupe like your car. Hers was in Cornet Gold with a Sandalwood cloth interior. The LeSabre Custom interior is so much better than the standard model. I really like the title of your thread. It would be even better if I could p
  10. While you are in the LA area, be sure to stop by the Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar. It will be worth your while. The Museum Joe
  11. Rob, Thanks for sharing these fun and enjoyable videos of your adventures on Route 66! In looking at the scenery through the windshield across the broad hood of your beautful 'Cat, I felt like having tagged along on the trip. For a lot of us, we have taken air travel across the country for granted and are not even aware that there are so many roadside gems in these quaint places that are still in existence! Hope somebody will pick up the '41 and restore to its former glory! Joe New BCA Member 1973 Buick Regal
  12. How about "Regal"? Maybe the older folks remember it as a name used by Studebaker (for years) starting in 1947 with the new postwar car that you don't know whether its coming or going. Joe New BCA Member 1973 Buick Regal
  13. BEAUTIFUL '59 Impala, impalabern! Looks like a well equipped one too. Power windows and power seats were quite rare for these cars. Which version of the 348 do you have? Joe
  14. Good luck in tracking down your former '60 Electra 225 convertible. Meanwhile, how about an article on your newly acquired '59 Electra in "Me and My Buick"? The '59 Impala Sport Coupe in Crown Sapphire/Snowcrest White in your avatar looks like a nice one Hope you can post some pictures of it in your gallery. Joe New BCA Member 1973 Buick Regal
  15. Thanks for sharing these interesting photos. I like the shot of the green '55 Plymouth. Haven't seen any of these in decent shape that is still running in the States for quite some time. Good luck in restoring your 1964 Electra convertible that your Dad bought new. Not that many of them had bucket seats. I first saw a picture of a new '64 Electra convertible in the October 1963 issue of Motor Trend. It was a very pretty yellow one with a black interior. That pic is attached below. Joe New BCA Member 1973 Buick Regal
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