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  1. You are right jeff_a, there is an oval emblem on the right side of the car. It doesn't say Pullman Body. Instead it's a "Raulang Body, the Baker Raul & CO Cleveland" emblem.
  2. I'm not sure if that year 2000 post#4 was someone of my family. I've heard that there could be 3 Peerless cars in Finland. Just looked up the numbers Model: 60 NO: B603284 All I found on the engine was the firing order and a series of numbers: 8 21 27
  3. My family has had a 1928 Peerless 6-60 Sedan for over 40 years now. Most of that time it has been in our garage safe and sound. Since we haven't used it at all, we were thinking about selling it. The car was bought in Finland in the late 20's and grandfather bought it in 1966 from the first owner. It has been driven for about 30 000 miles and it is in its original condition. Could say it's good as new. The car was repainted with cellulose enamel, the engine was dismantled, the cylinders were honed and new piston rings were installed in 1967-1968. So the car is located in Finland. I've only managed to find a little information about the pricing of the vehicle so I figured this forum would be the right place to ask. Here's a link with a picture of the car taken in 1976. I can post more pics of the car later if needed. http://forums.aaca.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=75115&stc=1&d=1294921925