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  1. I have a 58 Biscayne down here in Australia. Its RHD and now has a 350cu inch motor with Turbo 400 - 3 speed transmission. I believe it was put together in Melbourne VICTORIA.
  2. Bungwahl


    I have an interest in buying an unrestored 1929 Marmon series 68 three window coupe with rumble seat. Does anyone have a rough idea how many hardtop coupes were made by Marmon compared with other body styles. Its just a rough estimate that I'm after. Like, out of 100 cars made would there have been more than say 30% coupe bodies ?
  3. Bungwahl


    Would a Marmon model 68, (which you say would be a 114 inch wheelbase car) be the same wheelbase for a sedan and a coupe ?
  4. Sorry Kaycee...second part of previous message for Tom
  5. Thanks for your advice Kaycee...will keep a lookout on ebay. Fingers crossed on the inspection of the car...hope the seller is "fair dinkum" about selling it. Cheers
  6. Hi Tom..looking fwd to seeing the photos...have you received heritage book yet...does it have detailed specs and info on each model ? I will be on lookout for one if I am lucky enough to acquire the car i'm after. Can you let me know suitable email address, I'd like to send a few pix of coupe I'm looking at in Australia, also RHD 29 model, definitely series 68, but has a roof structure in place.
  7. Hi Tom P Read your Marmon story with great interest. I am in Australia and would love to see photos of the car you intend to purchase, as I am interested in one the same over here. I wish you luck in your prospective purchase. I understand the Marmon club's register has only 6 registered vehicles of that body style recorded.