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  1. The most up to date method to seal leaks from porosity is with X-Seal Acrylic-120C. This is two pack cold cure self penetrating. Method: identify leak area and blast with compressed air to removal any liquide. Imeediatly mix a small amout of sealant say 10 ml suck up with pipette provided and drip on to defect. If defect is on vertical face apply sealant with soaked cotton wool. Hold there untill sealant begins to heat up.
  2. Epoxy is no longer the prefered option. Acrylic is the recommended product for sealing leakage from porosity and cracks. It is low viscosity and self penetrating. You can apply it yourself as it needs no special tools just a high pressure compresed air gun to blast the defect clear of debris. Drip feed directly onto defect. Impregnant cures in 3 to 5 minutes. Excellent temp, pressure and chemical resistance especialy to antifreeze and oil. Acrylic imprenants are also approved by US MIL-17563C Specification. Supplier "" Product name: Acrylic120. Can be purchased on line. Also see web: ""