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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head. There are alternatives. Home of The Forward Look is one. Facebook has a lot of DeSoto activity and is well worth seeking out. Any good search engine can take you to lots of pictures of DeSoto's. Desotoland DeSotoland: It's DeSoto Utopia - DeSoto Cars and Service has been very slow lately but was a vibrant community of DeSoto people in the past. It could rise again.
  2. Last parts from a '56 DeSoto for sale by Gordon Williams in Tennessee. Price negotiable, suggested around $100 per line. power steering gear box. steering wheel. generator/power steering pump. brakes/booster. gordonwashere@gmail.com
  3. http://www.duricy.com/~desoto/
  4. Classic Auto Glass, Vintage Auto Glass | Sanders Reproduction Glass Classic Auto Glass, Vintage Auto Glass | Sanders Reproduction Glass
  5. Are you still in business? Wilton Auto Electric
  6. HR may indicate what type of heater it has.
  7. Carb kits. THE CARBURETOR SHOP Possibly NAPA
  8. It appears to be in well preserved condition for its age. Can you give an approximate location? USA, NE/SE/SW/NW. Thanks.
  9. It would be worth your effort to clean it up a bit. It would be well worth your effort to get it to crank and drive which would get it into #4 territory where the prices are good. If the motor will turn by hand, change the oil and get some fuel to the carburetor. The condenser may be bad and it won't crank without a good one. I know of a '56 that cranked after sitting for over a decade. 2dr Hardtop #5 condition: $1500 #4 condition: $5625 #4 Fair: runs and drives OK but needs work throughout the vehicle. Body shows signs of wear or previous restoration work. Any rust should be minimal and not in any structural areas. Cosmetics, body, and mechanics all need work to some degree. </pre> '55 Fireflite is a 291 4bbl of 200 hp.
  10. There's something to be said in favor of a quick sell especially if you aren't particularly attached to the car. It's a nice one and anyone restoring it would do the engine anyway. The good condition of the steering wheel and upholstery are impressive. As is the rest of the car. Tell the buyer to check out Stellar Restorations in Windom KS. They do good work with DeSotos.
  11. I paid $5K for a '56 2 door hardtop in much worse shape. I'd say at least $5k if it runs. No reason it shouldn't run if it turns over. However, it may have been parked for a mechanical reason, or not. But it looks to be in good condition for an unrestored '55. Any rust around the lower body panels and underside?
  12. Firedome is a lower trim model with a 2bbl carburetor. Fireflite is a higher trim level with a 4bbl carburetor. Sportsman and Seville both indicate hard top models with either two or four doors.I own a Fireflite Sportsman. I can't say for sure if there is a FireDOME Sportsman. I know there is a FireDome Seville but I am not sure if there is a FireFLITE Seville. There is a Pacesetter which is a convertible, but I'm not sure all '56 convertibles are Pacesetters.The '56 Adventurer is a two door hard top only and has two four barrel carburetors.If you are on Facebook, please consider joining the group: The Ultimate 1955 and 1956 DeSoto GroupWe'd be happy to have new members.
  13. I think non members can post to the forum at desoto.org after registering. Another board for Forward Look cars is forwardlook.net which is free and has a buy/sell area.If you're on facebook, try the group: The Ultimate 1955 and 1956 DeSoto Group
  14. Still have them? What condition?
  15. Desoto_7, you should get the factory brochure(s) to see what your interior should look like. Look here: Directory Index: DeSoto/1956_DeSoto 56 DeSoto video: YouTube - MVI 7165