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  1. i had to delete that post..when i had mine done i used 3 cores like i said..someone a few later years told me that they were making them..did just a google search on them..and did see the mention of a cadillac window motor being used on one listing but no new ones.saw one site there must have been 10 people looking for headlight motors.Larry Daisey of Rancho Rivieras maybe the best place to start.He even has a video of him testing a headlight motor on youtube.I have seen that.
  2. A few pics of my 65 Rivjust had it in the movie "the identical" a couple of scenes..not sure if it will make the movie or not they shot some 240 hours of footage.It's been in a few videos and some photo shoots.
  3. they actually make new ones now..about 10 years ago had to have 3 motors to make one motor for mine..cost me around $450 to do it:(
  4. ran around the neighborhood on monday this week in two of them while the temps were in the 50's(these two)
  5. few more pics of the meet..Saturday's cars..in the aaca photo section..saw several people taking photos..should be quite a few posted eventually
  6. if your looking for some pics of the show already..check out my personal website nashvillecarshows.tripod.com..or just google nashville car shows..just a few of the over 500 taken leaving to take more this morning..if you were there and saw a 65 riv there..that was me:)
  7. this was an upgrade from the clothesline rayon tires he had on the car
  8. yes it has a few miles on it..u can tell it is "broken in"
  9. I was looking in my manual and see it listed as this..is there another name for it?need to order some of them,thanks
  10. Al Gore's tree hugging car..he bought it new that way