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  1. Thanks for the tip. Albert Kahn's collection of photographs and moving images of Japan are among my most favorite. Kahn focused on the local culture, intending to preserve traditions before they vanished under the deluge of Westernization and modernization, so I doubt that notes were made of cars if they appeared in their images. Nonetheless, I will have a new look at his collection. I watched that documentary several years ago—really amazing, eh!
  2. Vintman, thank you very much. The photo of the FIAT tourer does indeed look very similar to the car with kimono clad women. I would like to thank everybody for your extremely kind help. This would have been impossible for me to discover without your assistance.
  3. Please note that these Japanese women are almost certainly less than 5 feet tall and very skinny. So to get the proportion of the car right, think of putting skinny 12 year olds in their place.
  4. I really appreciate the time and effort you are all putting into identifying this mystery car. I will post the photos at PreWarCar.com, too. Thanks for the tip!
  5. This car proves to be quite a challenge. In response to the questions about the period that the image was photographed. The postcard dates to between Mar 28, 1907 and Mar 1, 1918. Looking at the women's hairstyles, I would say early 1910s.
  6. Silverghost, I have no background information about the three women. Royal family members were rarely photographed at this time and such photographs were certainly not allowed to be used on postcards for sale to the general public. Members of a wealthy family is unlikely, too. More likely is that these women were paid models. Around the turn of the century, models in Japan were almost always geisha or prostitutes. I think that these three women are likely geisha.
  7. Thanks, keiser31, Silverghost, nzcarnerd, Manuel and Leif. nzcarnerd, I found that paper a fascinating read. Very helpful for my research on early 20th century Japan. Thanks. Manuel, I have made a few enlargements of several parts of the car, including the hubcap. Kjeld in Japan
  8. Thanks, Silverghost & nzcarnerd. Sounds like this car poses quite a challenge. I hope someone can figure it out. It is a beautiful photo, isn't it!
  9. Hi, I recently bought this very charming card of three Japanese women in kimono enjoying their new toy. Do you happen to know what car this is, and from what year? Kjeld in Japan