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  1. Do as Carbking says. Set your metering rods to factory. You will also need to raise you float height to nearly an 1/8th Over factory settings as modern fuel has a way less Specific Gravity. ( you’ll be running rich at factory settings. ) . Then use a vacuum gauge to set you air screw to the maximum vacuum you can get. The adjust your timing to get maximum vacuum again. Then go back and do the air screw on more time. Then do the timing one last time to get maximum vacuum. Once this is achieved, retard timing by one column. 
    a quality Vacuum gauge with a big dial is best. This method is by far the best way to tune those Carbs and your timing. Ask any Hudson guy. 
    good luck. 

  2. My first car. I bought it before I had my licence in around 1979 or so. It also had the plastic still on the seats and was gold in colour. A very nice car. I always thought it had a 260 v8. 
    drove it for years until my Dads Girlfriend borrowed it and stuffed the thing under a tractor trailer. 🥺

  3. I’ve been watching the series since it’s beginning. It’s in its final season now. 
    I’ve always questioned why every episode has/shows three or four Model T’s in the background. Never inaction, but as part of the scene, just in the background. The family seams to be well off with Bentleys, Rolls and the odd Daimler, but the back ground cars are all and always Ford

    Model T’s. Seams odd to me for such a popular series filmed in the Uk that is so dedicated to the way things were back then to only have Model T’s as props. 


  4. On 2/8/2020 at 9:12 AM, Pacewagon said:

    Well there are only 2 Harroun car known to exist. 

    Here is the other one. 

    I think I might just be crazy enough to take on the restoration challenge. 



    I’d love to see some more photos of that Motor !