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  1. Well the engine is just to be taken to get cleaned. I decided I am going to find a inline oil filter(I don't have a original one) and use detergent oil. It ran good before I took it out so no rebuild, maybe bearings, couple of valves needed to be ground/valve seats ect. On this motor there was a lot of bolts that snapped off during the disassembly. Pretty much the ones that were exposed to the cooling jacket ports. I finished tapping the broken ones. Attached are some random picture for reference.
  2. Yes I took the packs apart. Good call on the sand because there was a fair amount hidden all over. I did not disassemble the hubs and brakes yet. This will have to wait for a while. The engine is my priority now.
  3. I also decided I will use the existing tuck and roll interior that came with the car with my purchase. This is the real deal leather that was installed years ago but is top quality. Plus, it cleans up real nice. Both the front seat and rumble seat are in great condition. Someday I might consider period correct stuff but for now this will work because you might as well tack on a extra thousand or two for it to be redone. These are the interior door panels. The one on the left has beed cleaned with saddle soap re-conditioned.
  4. Frame is completely sandblasted. I would recommend ensuring you strip it as far as possible to accommodate the blasting. I did it in my yard with a large tarp underneath to collect the sand. Went through about 70lbs of silica sand I got from the local lumber store for about 15 bucks. Next was the POR 15. I like this stuff. It works well for a complete seal from rust.When this stuff goes on it don’t come off so think about if you wanted it painted with something like a self etching primer or period correct color. SinceI don’t plan on ever selling or restoring this car again POR 15 will do for m
  5. The only real wood damage was on the rear brace between the sides. I pulled the old stuff out cut and fit new wood. Also I built a small bracket and screwed and bolted it in and now it is way stronger than it was in 31. This will be painted and covered and will not be seen with the rumble seat installed
  6. After I removed all the stuff inside I figured the metal needed to be cleaned up. With a wire wheel, wire brush, few hours and a quart of POR 15 the inside is real nice. I also started to pull the engine apart for inspection. I don’t like how the intake and cylinder coolant inspection plate bolts screw into the block and are exposed to the cylinder coolant passages. I had a lot of rust and bolts that I needed to re tap. I can understand how the rear cylinders might be prone to overheating because of the design. I will clean this out real nice. Next its off to sand blast the frame to get it rea
  7. I love the look of a 3 window! Lots of rusted bolts underneath. I figure the steel is not like the stuff we’re used to now days.Some twisted off and I just grinded off the bad ones.
  8. Good idea on the hex bolts. I just grinded a little bevel in the hex bolts and it will work for me!
  9. JSD, Yep ole Dean H. I followed his posts and was truly impressed like all of us. He has some machine skills! I dont have any of that but will do the best I can. I use his posts as reference.
  10. First thing I wanted to do was fix those sagging doors! I found there were 1 inch screws holding them into the 80 yr old wood! Most of them were still holding strong! I went ahead and bolted them to the hinge and through the wood on the top and bottom. Problem fixed.
  11. Well the 1931 Model S Coupe tear down has commenced after I finally finished my wife’s 67 Mustang. (See profile pictures). I will attempt to post a few photos and lessons I learned for folks to reference at least what it took to tear down/restore for their projects ect. I will also say I do not get on the internet outside of checking my emails and looking at more stuff to acquire on craigslist (I have a problem) all that much and apologize in advance if I don’t reply in a timely manner or not at all!! Lastly I hope my restoration is ok with all you preservation folks out there. It will not be
  12. Still got the car. It is great. I hope you have fun with yours. Never sell it. They are few and far between..
  13. The day I got it home,,,,,only a few more months till the tear down!
  14. Dean, Fast for sure!!!! Ha! Ha!
  15. I am VERY lucky that it is all complete. Truth be known I didn't know who Robert Hupp was until a week before I got the car! But now I am very happy I didn't go the Model A route. I have finally sent my membership to the Hup Club and hoping to meet some other folks in the area and eventaully more at a national meet. But for now just knowledge is my #1 goal....
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