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  1. Looking for parts near Calgary Alberta. Does anyone have these parts: Quarter window rubber seal, a good radiator, dual quad air cleaner, deluxe interior driver's side rear door handle,air conditioning-heater dash panel with all the levers intact, trunk cardboard kit and weatherstrip, black carpet set. Maybe a parts car I can remove parts from. Also a drivers power seat. Any help or leads is appreciated, thankyou.:cool:
  2. Recently I had a mechanic work on my non-functioning seat. He had it in and out several times, this involved cleaning and lubricating all the parts, as well as repeated testing. The up & down function works well, however the forward-reverse mode made funny noises then jammed in position. I think the track and gear are worn or out of alignment. Can this be fixed, or should I look for another seat? Do any other Buicks share the same parts? Thanks for any help or ideas.
  3. 1963 Riviera Seat Stuck Recently I had a mechanic work on my non-functional power seat. He had it in & out several times. This involved cleaning and lubricating all the parts. The up & down function works good , however the forward-reverse mode worked briefly then became jammed. It almost sounded like there was excessive wear in the track or gear when it did work. Has anyone experienced similar problems like this? Should I give this up and try to find another seat?
  4. We've seen the sites about Rivieras in the movies, well how about Rivieras owned by stars? Recently in the Riview magazine there was a story about a silver 1963 Riviera speeding thru the desert and being pulled over by the highway patrol. This was around the time when Frank Sinatra Jr. had been kidnapped, and they thought he might have been in this car, which was similar to Frank Sinatras. Recently I acquired a 1963 Diplomat blue Riviera. This car has the white deluxe interior and is fully loaded with almost every option available, the no.'s also match. It was apparently purchased new in Las Vegas and later made it's way to British Columbia. Somewhere along the way the Super Wildcat package, rocker moldings and rally rims were added There was also a story that came with this car,that it had been originally purchased by Dean Martin. I have tried to research this, all I came up with is that Frank and Dino were great friends and they both had a lot of awesome cars, including Chrysler Ghia's. Can anyone help me with any ideas on how to research the history of this car,such as dealer records or possibly Nevada registration records. P.S. These are the most beautiful post-war cars ever built. Thanks for your help.
  5. I have a 1963 Riviera power seat that works great in the up and down mode. However in the forward - reverse mode it moves slightly then jams. This seems to be a rack and pinion setup. I have tried putting a bushing on the round gear shaft, which had some slack in it. This worked for a short time then jammed in position again. Is it possible that the flat notched plate is too worn to work properly. Does anyone make this part or should I just look for another seat.
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