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  1. Looks like a Farmall cub about 10 or 12 hp 4 cyl :confused::confused:
  2. Hello I have some older cars going back to the 20's. How do you handle these child restraint laws? The younger generation are a lot safer riding in a car with these new seats but when they want a ride in an old car what do you do ? On one if you refuse you look like a cad on the hand if you do and something happened you would feel even more responsible . And with all that said an your riding the kids dumb fat and happy you still have Rosco p. Coletrain an Barney Fife out there taking the fun out of life . What is the law ? and how do you weight the responsibility ? Thanks Donny
  3. Was the formica clear ? The bezel look like it might screw out ? It had nice tapered surface with slots on opposite sides that looks like a wide thin flat screwdriver would take it out . what is the purpose of this hole -formica Thanks Donny
  4. I saw a 1917 Nash touring a couple of days ago with a Rayfield carb .It had a hole in the side of the float bowl that had what looked a threaded bezel in it ? There was nothing in it . What is supposed to be in there glass? screen? or what ? Thanks Donny INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW
  5. Back when these engines were in service they used the crank shaft to pure the bearing. You wrap brown paper around the shaft put shims between block and caps. Then you use packing like used for cast-iron drain pipe to create a dam so when you pour you wind up with the thrust bearings. After that take it apart take paper off take some shims out. Put it back together snug the caps up turn the crank it will be stiff pull it back apart then with a scraper made from thin wide steel with a burred edge scape the high/shinny spots REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT Removing shims until you get most of the bearing touching. If you use a lot of thin shims it will go well. I will not say it is recommended but have had flywheel motors with oak-tag /stiff paper for shims. What you can not lose site of is these motors are low rpm engines. When you get to that point take a gouge and make your oil groves put it back together snug it up and burnish it in with oil if you can hook up electric motor to it it will go fast if it gets a little warm that's normal with in reason this does not realty take that long for the whole job. Put a shim back in DUN!!! In the day this work was done on farms Logging camps Blacksmith shops with no electric and crud tools The high nickel babbet is the best Just do'nt over think it LOW RPM . And unless you are going to run it 40 hours a week it will last another 90 years. That's all I have to say about that Donny
  6. The first reply referred to a Dyke's Manuel I picked one up off ebay. Twenty five dollars!! thirteenth printing. What a great source of info Donny
  7. I have two rear glass Make offer i have no need for them. They are located in middle Ga. Ft Valley 276-690-6440 Thanks
  8. add ed in a couple of places it will make more sense ALWAYS STRUGGLING WITH MY TYPING
  9. My brother had one back when they were new. It also was a 4 cyl 4 barrel 4 speed. For over 40 years he still talk about it. Finely he track one down and bought it still talking about it! The car was not the most desirable or exotic he had but he really liked it.
  10. I have two rear glass.I have no need for them make offer They are located in middle Ga. Ft Valley 31030 Hope they can do somebody some good
  11. hello Do you still have this truck Donny cell 276-690-6440 br549dh@hotmail.com
  12. No it seems that because the car was not restored and that i had no plans to restore it they would not insure it... Off topic I started out flying a Tomahawk we did weight and see not weight and balance. Then a 55 170B,Cessna 195, I got the nick name BIG UNIT during that time Malue [junk] and now a Citaboria which i have not flown in awhile. TOO FATI have working on that lost 88 lbs since aug. Donny
  13. Here are some pictures of a car that i just bought back. I sent a application to J. C Taylor for insurance and they would cover it because it was not restored ? or under restoration.... MobileMe Gallery
  14. Well i abandon all ideas to modify the carb. With the high speed jet tube repaired and the cork float resealed. I reassembled the carb. Hung a lawn mower gas tank and gravity flowed gas to it. SUCCESS !! Took the vacuum tank off thoroughly cleaned and reassembled . It seemed to be in really good shape. BUT After running the car 20 or 30 mins with the top off the bowl so i could watch the fuel level it ran dry. As soon as the engine stopped the bowl filled right back up . It would seam that the tank was not empty. Started the engine back up ran it in the shop for quite a while an it did it again. Does any body have any ideas ??? I have posted a link to PHOTOS of this junk HELP DONNY THANKS MobileMe Gallery