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  1. We are in need of a right rear tail light and stand for a 1932 Studabaker Dictator Sedan. Please reply: designsoftimes@yahoo.com
  2. Set of 1932 Buick Victoria 2 door sedan seats - front (bucket) and rear. These seats are covered in mohair - cranberry in color. $300.00. They are located in Monroe, Georgia. designsoftimes@yahoo.com
  3. We have an entire series 50 1932 Buick. We are streetrodding it and have everything for sale with the exception of the body, wheels, hubs and back springs.
  4. Dick, We have the complete drivetrain and interior for a 1932 Buick 50 Series. We are streetrodding this car. The only thing we are keeping is the body and rear springs. Contact us at: designsoftimes@yahoo.com
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