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  1. 12 hours from London? You must be way up north...I'm in London
  2. We don't even see these very much in Canada, 1960 Frontenac
  3. Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to post it all, I love this site.
  4. Being new to this forum, I just found this today...I'm totally in awe of your craftsmanship. The skill you have, is amazing, it's people like you that built the world to what it is today. I am also surprised at the size of your lathe..I imagined it being a small lathe, until the picture that included your fingers! I didn't imagine it that small. I had a customer that was a watch maker, and every time I was lucky enough to have the time to visit him, it was truly amazing. Just like this. Craftsmanship like this is almost a lost art these days.
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