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  1. Yes, I should have said 1969 , it was a long day. I should know it my heart, I own 3, and have had over 15 now.
  2. What two cars had the same day of introduction, but different years? April 17 1964, for the Mustang, and April 17 1970 for the Maverick. Now what car had more first year sales?..........The Maverick.
  3. This really sucks! (did they say that back then?)
  4. Teachers don't like to be shown that they are wrong....
  5. Find a picture of a 1969 Mustang Boss 429, they had Goodyear Polyglass tires.
  6. Oh my....... In all honesty, I appreciate the work involved, but couldn't someone have mentioned that it looked awful......
  7. I like that picture better than this one:
  8. If you are still in DC, you should head out to the Dulles Airport, and see the National Air and Space Museum. Well worth the visit, then head to Hershey
  9. I had this discussion with someone else on another forum, I guess it's used to describe a certain period of time, not the general feeling of discomfort..like the meaning of the word..but some of those cars in the pictures, sure make me feel uncomfortable....
  10. Have you brought a car into Ontario before? The Ministry has some good info on their website. I don't think it's coming into Canada that you have to worry so much about, it'll be leaving the USA. We had a 72 Jaguar E Type (don't ask) shipped to Detroit, it was the 3rd degree at US Customs, in Windsor, they didn't even look at the car.
  11. This was Dec 6 2010...not too far from a year ago today...
  12. That's what I was leaning towards, tools for rolling odometers?
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