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  1. Might you see "words" when I wrote "worlds"?
  2. For reference... Here's the radio. It came out of a sealed box... Unit is stamped D&M Restoration.
  3. Might you see "words" when I wrote "worlds"?
  4. Interesting. In other worlds... The lower the number... The higher the value. Thanks!
  5. What is the significance of “week” to a Delco Model 986281?
  6. I've been in contact with folks who re-chrome plastic emblems... But will not do the black portions between the letters. Anyone have this done?
  7. I've been quoted $700/each. Do you have contact information for your guy? Thanks!
  8. I read other Central PA folks here... Do you-all have any Central PA shop names? I live near Altoona PA or an hour to State College.
  9. I want to have my anodized aluminum bumpers chromed. Anyone know of a resource that could do this for me? <O:p></O:p>
  10. Shipping is no problem... I have a tube for them. There are four peices of drip-rail moldings: 2 @ 36" (Front-Pillars) & 2 @ 92" (Roof-line) x 1/2" each. Is it possible to approximate a cost? Thanks!
  11. Next on my to-do list to be-done is my stainless-steel trim. Any recommended resources/vendors as I not a do-it-yourself-er? Thanks!
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