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  1. I have another original 1948 Salsbury for sale. All original and unrestored. Runs with title and full history. Includes many rare factor accessories. $12,500.
  2. I am selling my all original 1947 Salsbury Model 85 motorscooter. These were made in Los Angeles between 1947-1950 by E. Foster Salsbury. This particular scooter is all original and running. It was found in a barn in Upstate NY. It still has it's original paint and upholstery. I tuned up the engine and it runs good. As with any barn survivor this scooter has a lot of dings, dents and scratches but also has great original patina. These are very rare and collectible. $6500 OBO. For more info call Scott: 1-630-699-9934 Located in Ridgewood NJ.
  3. Looking to purchase a Salsbury Model 85 Motor scooter. Any condition considered, the more complete the better. Preferably on the east coast.
  4. 1958 Vespa GS 150 VS4. Accurately restored to original Piaggio specs. The "Grand Sport" GS150 was produced in limited quantities starting in 1955 through 1961. It was the first performance oriented VESPA produced. Many of the unique features on these early GS's would be introduced later on mass production vespas. The early GS's were set apart from regular Vespas due to many unique features: 1. Larger dimensions than the regular 150 scooters. 2. The introduction of 4 bolt 10" wheels - all other vespas had 8" wheels well into the 1960's. 3. The introduction of a 4 speed transmission - all other Vespa's had a 3 speed trans. 4. Wrap around leg shield for improved aero dynamics. This scooter was restored for the head of Parts and Service for Piaggio several years ago and is a top quality original spec restoration. 5. Larger body dimensions than mass produced scooters. More bulbous and curvacious, creating perfect purportions. These performance upgrades allowed for a top speed of 65 MPH, which was well ahead of all the other production scooters being produced in Italy during the 1950's. Many of these scooters were raced, few were built. Less than 10,000 were built compared to millions of production spec vespas during the same period. These scooters are highly desired by collectors as they are widely considered the most beautifully designed scooters ever produced. As an example one is on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, showcasing the perfect design and dimensions. This scooter was correctly restored to a very high caliber for the head of Parts and Service for Piaggo USA several years ago. The paint is a very high quality base/clear job in the correct GS silver. Engine was rebuilt and all the electrics work as they should. The only modification on the bike is a battery bypass which was wired for improved reliability. This scooter runs and rides great. very strong rider. Detailed photos here: 1958 Vespa GS150 VS4 pictures by scottdoering - Photobucket $9500 OBO. Located in Northern NJ.
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    1948 Salsbury Model 85 Imperial Rocket scooter
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