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  1. Does anyone know of, or heard of, a mechanic in the DC area (VA, DC, MD) who knows anything about the ChryslerTC by Maserati? Mine is a 1990 with 45000 original miles that needs more love and attention than I can provide.
  2. Yes, but do you know if it is a replacement for the TC part?
  3. I contacted Arizonaparts for the TC 5253193 pull down motor for the tonneau. They don't have one but said it is the same as a GM part 4490338, which is a pull down motor used on a variety of GM models in the 1998 time frame. Can anyone verify this before I buy it? Thanks!
  4. Finally managed to get professional help. The problem appears to be with the rear latch assembly P/N 52 53 193 that I have to try and find. Any suggestions as to where to look? Thanks for your input that helped guide the diagnostic.
  5. Thank you for the input. In fact, the issue is with the pulldown. I cannot get it to pull down and latch. I am aware of the manual release but this is not the problem. WHen I fold back the soft top into the compartment, the cover will not snap down as before. Same problem puting the hard top on. Any and all ideas welcome. Allan
  6. Do you have a working solenoid for the tonneau release mechanism? I own a 1990 TC and the mechanism no longer activates> Thanks!
  7. I have owned this TC for over 18 years and it is in great condition. However, the mechanism to lock/unlock the tonneau to putt the soft top down or to change to the hard top will not work. I am told that the solenoid is dead (to be confirmed). Does anyone know where or how I can get the part and get it fixed in the VA, DC, MD or surrounding area? I am not very technical so I need help. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the input, and a Happy New Year!; it may be the safest approach Question: How do I access the locking apparatus when the soft or hard top is in place (and held down by someone else?)
  9. I own a beautiful black/tan '90 TC that has 39,000 original miles on it. I am not mechanically competent and periodically need specialist help. Can anyone recommend a really good mechanic in N. Virginia? The "Top" lock switch stopped working so I can't lock down either the soft or the hard top. Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks!
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