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  1. I dont have any extras either but if i run across some I will let you know. You don't by chance have a spare trunk lid?
  2. My tail lights are rectangle shaped. I think chevys are round.
  3. Motor and tranny out. Anyone interested? $500 Obo.
  4. I have the drivetrain out of my 1937 olds for sale. IT includes the motor (not running but not stuck) and tranny, front suspension including the about 3 feet of the frams rails, the rear end , extra shocks and brakes, a bunch of motor gaskets in boxes and a driveshaft. I am looking to get $500. If you guys think this is out of line or have input let me know. I'd like to get rid of it soon. You can message me or call me at 1-618-317-6238. Thanks Nick
  5. Get those pics up! Congrats on the purchase now lets get that thing to hit the road.
  6. Yes they are. If you are interested let me know.
  7. Thanks. Congrats on your new purchase. I got the car home saturday and now I new to sell a ton of parts. Anyone interesed? $500 buys motor, tranny, front suspension, rear end, drive shaft, two spare trannys, 2 extra axles, 1 extra set of brakes for the whole car, a couple of flywheels, and whatever else I don't need that I find. The parts are still on the car so if someone is interested let me know and I'll pull the thing apart. Thanks.
  8. Here is some trim for you: 1937 OLDSMOBILE EXTERIOR TRIM - eBay (item 250752975052 end time Jan-12-11 22:48:12 PST)
  9. I've seen a few tail light lenses and maybe even door handles on ebay. I'll watch out for the chrome for ya.
  10. I've got no problem sharing, but I hav't found much info yet. Are your interested in an extra original drive train and axels? I will cut you a heck of a deal on it.
  11. It is a 6 cyl. I actually have two complete grills one is better than the other but both are is decent shape.
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