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  1. And just for fun, heres a link pics of Airstreams in movies over the years: IMCDb.org: Chrysler Airstream in movies and TV series
  2. Heres a pic I found on Shorpys.com Just thought I'd share! ( :
  3. Anyone have a steering wheel like this? All the others I've seen are plain black, is it possible this is not original?
  4. I second that. Great idea, considering the cars are so similar.
  5. I don't think the soft top slid back, but in 36 they realized the safety need for a steel roof and they filled the hole with a steel insert. In 1937 Chrysler came out with an all steel one piece roof. Thats a great looking Airstream, notice how someone replaced the horns with turn signals, on mine turn signals were added to the bottom of the headlight buckets. If you do buy it please post more pics, there are so few Airstreams around. The Airflow kind of stole its thunder.
  6. Heres a couple pictures of my Airstream, I noticed my bumper guards point down as well, (not that it matters). This was one of my dad's first cars and he traded it to my uncle for a station wagon back in the 60s. My uncle has kept it in his barn in north Idaho since the late 70s and he gave it back to my dad recently. So although I don't really like the term "barn find", it kind of is you know? Anyway its a fun father-son project and I hope to get it as close to original as we can. It doesn't seem like there are to many of them around so any advice or tips on places to find parts is appre
  7. Hello, I'm new to the forum, I have a 1936 chrysler airstream c7 and curious if anyone has pics of theirs? Also looking for parts like hubcaps and possibly a 3 speed trans? The transmission I have has overdrive, but sat out in the weather for 20 years, dont know if its rebuildable. Any comments appreciated!
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