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  1. These pictures are from the instruction book for my '32 Chrysler. It is dated aug ´32. It's the export version (might be different?) and have the automatic clutch.
  2. Old thread, but maybe you are still interested in parts? I might have a radiator that fits. It's located in northern Sweden.
  3. Got this from a collector in my car club. He thought it would be a ca 1910-20 Buick rear axle. But is it?
  4. If it's to any help, this is how the door stops looks like on my '32 Chrysler ci 6.
  5. The B2 emblem... Isn't that a hood emblem off a mid 50's Oldsmobile?
  6. I believe number 4 to be a Ford Cortina hubcap.
  7. The steeringwheel loks like the one in my '31 Chrysler 8. Don't know about the rest.
  8. I started a thread in the general discussion when I first got it. But I mislabeld it as a cm. After that theadpost, I did another journey to the previous owner (a 14 hour drive one way) and got the correct engine and all the smaller parts. I will make a thead about it in Chrysler/Mopar later.
  9. I am currently restoring a 4 dr 1932 Chrysler CI 6, which was sold new in the UK. It has rhd, leather interior, Lucas lights and sunroof. The story I have heard about it was that it was made as a special order and sold new to a aristocrat. It have a stamp on the instuction book that say "Kingston model" "export". My car was exported to Norway in 1936 and after that exported to Sweden.
  10. I just picked up a new project, a 1932 Chrysler cm 6. Sold new to a Lord i Great Brittain. Exported later to Norway and after that to Sweden. I see it as a good project. It has rust issues in the rear fendermounts but fixable (and by far better than the´31 chrysler 8 wreck in my yard). Seats are in leather and still in good shape. But most interesting i think would be the sunroof. It seems to be original. It also have some odd airvents on the side of the roof. This is the first restoration I do on a car this old. The oldest car so far has been a '54 Volvo Pv 444, but I think the older car is, the more interesting it gets.