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  1. Hi Ed. I've got the Ignitor 2 and coil ready to fit. I bought them from CARS as a direct replacement for the original set up. I'm just in the process of doing a full tank to full tank mpg test before fitting so that I can get a reasonable idea re any mpg improvement. I expect mpg will be a little better but mainly hope for the better reliability etc that I'm told will result. I understand that any wear in the distributor can be a major headache when you fit electronic ignition.
  2. CTS. I'll give that a go, thanks! Dave.
  3. Lasse. A quick postscript. I took mine out the other day in very heavy rain and noticed a bad leak of water running down the back edge ie the edge nearest the door, of the interior vertical chrome trim of the windscreen. This turned out to be coming in from the top outside corner of the windscreen exterior trim. There was a very small gap were the vertical trim meets the horizontal one. I forced some sealant (Sealastic brand here in UK) in there and it's done the job. Worries me a bit what that leak has been doing behind that trim though. although the Riv came from Texas (do they get much rain there?!) Cheers. Dave
  4. Hi. I recently renewed all my weatherstrips. I got all the new stuff from cars Inc and they were very good. The outside sweepers were held on by three small screws (the ones that hold the stainless trim to the door skin) and staples. I used galvanised staples meant for a staple gun, quite long ones. I clamped the sweeper to the trim in correct position then drilled the new holes for the staples. make sure screw holes line up good. I had to drill one new one as the new sweeper didn't quite line up right. The only problem I had with the vent window was fitting the vertical section which I couldn't get to stay put. I still haven't sorted that so keep the vent closed for now!
  5. Hi Lasse I too have recently changed all the weatherstrip on my 63. If you unbolt the door skins you get brilliant access to window and lock mechanisms. You can then adjust the glass to fit snug against the seal. You can then also renew your vent window seals and the rest of the door ones too.If you need to adjust the rear quarter glass too, take out the rear seats and remove the interior trim under the glass. You'll then see a metal panel bolted in which you remove to get to the mechanism. More awkward than the doors though. I found a water leak wetting the carpet in one of the rear footwells. It was actually from the oval plate bolted into the floor (Does anyone know what these are for ?). Someone had took one of the bolts out so there was a small gap. I've no idea about the windscreen. I know they were glued or bonded in ie no normal rubber weatherstrip. I'd quite like to get my rear one out but it's too risky.If I broke it I've no idea where I'd get a replacement here in UK. Good luck! Dave
  6. Ha! And I'm putting an order in with Jim!
  7. Got reverse again! Bushings are worn. Garage has tweaked the linkage so all is working again. They'll fit the new bushings once here. Thanks again everyone.
  8. Thanks Tim. We'll see what the garage says tomorrow but I too think it's the linkage. Cheers. Dave
  9. Strewth! Thanks Ed. I'll give that a miss then. I'd be better off learning how to fix a Dynaflow myself! If the linkage is worn I'll send for the bushing kit you mentioned on my original thread. This forum is so essential to owners like myself. The knowledge, particularly of you and Jim, is amazing to me. thanks again. Dave.
  10. Hi. I'm getting my hopes up that it is the linkage! I've just taken her out and done what Chuck does. If I pull the lever back forcefully, almost flicking it into the metal trim, it goes into reverse. When I had a look at the rods the other day, I couldn't see very well (that's an understatement!) so will leave that to the garage on Monday. When it does engage it does so nice and smooth so I've got my fingers crossed.....and a few other things too.......Incidentally I've been told of a TH400 trans (condition isn't known so would need rebuild) that has the correct bolt pattern for my Riv. Is this a worthwhile conversion considering the TH400 is apparently a lot easier to get fixed over here? I recall reading that it's not a straightforward job at all. Even if this problem turns out OK I'm kind of tempted to get my hands on it for future use if it's a reasonable price.
  11. Cheers Jim. I had a look at the linkage as best I could and it seemed OK but have booked the car in at the garage to have them check it properly. The fluid was Exol meeting Dexron 2 spec so should be OK? It does engage low correctly. Lever moves to R fine but it doesn't engage unless you move it in and out of r a few times. It stays in low. It feels as if the lever isn't moving the rods enough, if that makes sense? It's an intermittent fault but does seem to me to be getting worse. I fear it could be something serious, especially as there's little chance of finding anyone here who is experienced with the Dynaflow.Looking at the book, could it be the servo? I hope so, as that appears to be accessible with the trans in the car. Would a rev brake band needing adjustment cause intermittent engagement problems or would it just slip? Incidentally, whilst researching this I came across a thread you were involved in re adjusting the bands with the trans in the car. Did you ever find out whether this was necessary and possible? many thanks. Dave
  12. PS. I've not long had the fluid changed. If the wrong grade of fluid has been used, would that cause this type of problem. Trans is working great apart from this. Thanks. Dave
  13. Hi. Following on from my other thread, the linkage all seems OK. I'm still having problems with the trans not going into reverse. The selector lever moves there OK but there's no 'feeling' that it's engaged and it stays in 'Low'. Fluid is fresh and up to level. Is there anything else an 'amateur' can check or are we talking transmission out time? If that's the case I'll have the joy of trying to find someone familiar with the Dynaflow here in the UK!
  14. I've checked the bushing and all seems ok which is worrying! I'll start a new thread re reverse.
  15. Hi Aaron. I've recently took both door skins off to renew all the weatherstrip. Mine had acorn nuts down the front and rear vertical edges and open nuts along the bottom. I had the usual nightmare of having a couple of the bolts spin. The worst one was, I think, the third one down on the front edge which is a sod to get to anyway. I only got it off by pulling the skin away and then sliding it so that the bolt slid out of its slot in the skin. I used Araldite (epoxy resin) to secure all the bolts before i refitted them. They're not secured well enough as standard when you've a corroded thread to deal with. Cheers Dave.
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