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  1. I have an enclosed trailer and have always had cars that were small enough that I could drive in and still get out. I now have a post war Chrysler which will fill the trailer side to side. I plan on purchasing a winch to get the car into the trailer. Do folks put some kind of giude on the floor like at a car wash to keep the car centered on the way in?
  2. 38buick, Thanks. Maark70fish
  3. I have a Buick jack I am trying to identify. It appears to be from the 40's or 50's based on the picture on the jacking instructions label which is barely visible. It was originally painted green. It has part number 1320917 near the top and 3110 A 9 near the bottom. Can anyone identify this jack?
  4. I am looking for a convertible. The ideal candidate is an older good running restoration that still shows well. Mark