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  1. These are original, vintage FoMoCo Dealer mustang Promotionals built by AMF Wen Mac Corp., for the sale exclusivly through Ford dealers in 1966 and 1967 ONLY! We have severial Mustangs to choose from in varying conditions from, 'poor' to 'new in the box'! We offer both the 1966 Poppy Red Mustang GT 4-speed coupe and the 1967 Blue, Mustang Automatic 2+2 Gt. Prices vary from $50.00 to $600.00. Check us out at www.wmmustangs.com, We have the Wen Mac Mustang that you are looking for! Thank you, Chris Kennedy W-M Mustangs
  2. Hey! Fantastic! How much would a complete (well as complete as possible) kit cost a hard working American man such as me? Very serious! Thanks, Chris
  3. These are vintage 1/12 scale AMF Wen Mac Mustang GT's that were offered exclusivly through Ford dealerships in 1966 and 1967 only! The 1966 came as a poppy red 4-speed GT coupe and the 1967 came as a blue automatic GT 2+2. Both have working headlamps, tail lamps and dash lights. They came as battery operated and run in ether forward or reverse. The steering is adjustible for turns in increments to the left or right. There was also a gas, (Cox style) engine option offered by Wen Mac, which could be purchased in 1967 for $2.50! The gas powered ones are very rare! I have a excelent selection to choose from! www.wmmustangs.com Thank you, Chris Kennedy
  4. These are vintage 1966 and 1967 Mustang GT's built for sale at ford dealers in 1966 and 1967 only. A must for any Mustang dealer promotional model collector! Please visit www.wmmustangs.com
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