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  1. Pfindlay no hydromatic, was a 6 with 3 speed standard, but they are gone. I was told the engine was pulled for rebuild decades ago and was never put back together. Guy I bought the car from had it 35 years but he didn’t get the engine or trans with the car. 
       Pont35cpe no back seat, still has the  original spare tire and storage case behind the seat, but I will check the front seat. Usually mice have eaten any paperwork but maybe I will get lucky.




  2. I got lucky on the seat, but really the whole car is still in amazing shape other than the paint. If it had been stored inside instead of outside for decades I think it would still look close to original. I agree on Bedford cord, last item to figure is body number, that I would think is impossible, but if I can find the body starting and ending numbers maybe I can get in a range of numbers. I think body numbers were not assigned by model but were sequential by build. This is not a concours show car so I doubt anyone will care what number is on the tag.

  3. Turns out my car is a model 70! Found the serial number and it is in the model 70 number range, and sure enough I measured and the car has a 120" wheelbase.

    So looks like the body style would be 40-3627B

     Also according to the SN it is a LANSING built car, the serial number starts with "G".

     What trim code do you think this would be?  I removed the seat cover from the passenger side upper cushion.




  4. Thank you for the help! The only picture I have right now are on my trailer, I just got it yesterday and have to wait for a day off to start playing with it. I will be cleaning off the serial number tag later in the week, and then I can see what my frame number has as far as letters. It has old seat covers on it so I will have to pull those off to see what style of cloth the material is in order to figure out what the trim number would be. I do have the front bumper for it, for some reason it was removed, maybe when the engine was removed.




  5. Greetings! 

    Just picked up a 1940 Oldsmobile 70 series business mans coupe, and at some point someone took the data tag off the firewall. Luckily they did not know about the serial number tag on the frame, it is still there hidden by dirt and grease.

      I am trying to either buy a used data tag or have a new tag made, but I cannot find any reference of what numbers should be on the tag. It is a 1940 business coupe, black with tan interior. What would the style, trim, and paint numbers be? Is there any way to figure out what body number the car was, or is that impossible? Thanks!


    EDITED>>>> turns out my car is a model 70, not a 60 series as originally thought.

  6. 4 hours ago, Dynaflash8 said:

    Trust me.  They are EXTREMELY hard to find.  You don't have to have the rear fenders since you can drill holes for the stonepad clips, but every little bit helps.  Advertise in the Bugle for a member who can restore the stonepads.  Maybe he'll answer you.  He told me he only did it for friends, because he was too busy.  I cannot give out his name for that reason.


     Thanks, I dont have the stone guards, just the pair of stream boards. I bought my car as a basket case with extra parts and the stream boards came with it.  I am not going to use them, so I will throw them up for sale once I get some pictures.

  7. Just to update, its only been two years since I asked but finally back to work on the car and figured out the self cancelling setup for the 41. There are two cast in bumps on the back of the steering wheel, they are part of the steering wheel center section. When the steering wheel is rotated those bumps knock the turn signal switch back to the middle position. My "bumps" were worn, looks like the pot metal was not made for the long haul. Since I could not build up the material with weld I tried some good old JB weld and built up the worn area with that. So far so good it actually works, but time will tell whether the JB will hold up.

  8. HI,

     I am working on a 1941 cadillac model 63, and the turn signals do not self cancel when the steering wheel is turned. I figured this may be normal, but I did see a blurb on the net that said 1941 was the first year for self cancelling signals. If this is true did they cancel off a cam in the steering column like "modern" cars or some other way? Or maybe they are not supposed to self cancel? I would like to get them working if I can.


  9. Hood is still available, I cannot be sure on interchange but I would think it was the same. Should be someone here on the board who can tell you or I can take some measurements if needed. If you make the drive out I can make you a great deal on the fenders as well if you can use them. Based on past shipments I would guess shipping for the shocks to be around $30 via Fedex.

  10. Shocks are as removed, dirty, no idea if the seals are good but I have been told that normally anymore you pump them with grease which doesnt leak out like the oil that was used. One rear shock has a dig on the cover from a grinding wheel (accidentally hit it when cutting the rear brake lines) but it is cosmetic only. $150 for all 4 plus shipping, Syracuse is 4+ hours away. Check mapquest to zip 12538.

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