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  1. Ok. I understand why you guys are kinda skeptical about this car. Just to clarify, my uncle (who has TONS of experiance in a shop environment and works on older cars) will be coming with me on this journey to go and look at the car. We will both be looking for rust (i know where to look and i know he does too) and we will both be getting it running. I will check under the trunk mat for pin holes. Im just saying, i do know what to look for but i will have a cerified mechanic who has gone to school and stuff come with me to double check. I'll check break fluid levels and top them off if needed. While i pump the breaks, ill have my uncl check all the wheel cylinders and stuff to see if break fluid is gushing out. They say, they drive it once every year and start it every 4 months or so. But, thats just what they say, they cant proove that. So at this point, i will assume the worst and check every single little nook and cranny on that car for damage and rust. Im not just gonna jump in it and drive it home, i know ill kinda have to gear up for this. Also, i have a place that i can park the car thats 30 minutes away. All of it is highway driving so if something goes wrong and i lose breaks while in on the highway, i have time to roll to a stop if i have to. if losing breaks seems to be a big possibility, i will be putting it on a trailor if i can find one and taking it home that way. breaks are my biggest concern at the moment. I go to look at is soon. Ill have the cash in hand and if i buy it, it comes home with me the same day. Ill video tape everything for you guys to see. Thank you for all your help and your concern on me buying a POS. I dont really have my heart set on this car. If its crap, i wont buy it. I will keep you all posted. KT
  2. I have already asked the lady most of the things you told me to ask in your reply. They bought the car from an old lady for their kids for when they got older. They got old enough and the kids decided they didnt want it. That was about 2 years ago. The lady says they have been starting it once every year. It has the 4.1 litre 6 banger in it. They said when they bought the car, it was totally drivable and everything worked great on the way home. But obviously not now after being parked for a couple of years. I know where to look for rust underneath the car. I will when it comes time to go and look at it with my mom. As for the engine compartment, there are 2 or 3 very small rust holes on the inner wheel wells. That is the only place i could find rust IN THE PICTURE.. If i find more or if i find any in a place that i REALLY shouldnt be, ill just pass on the car. For the most part everything sounds true. It would be a ******* thing to lie about rust not being in places if i can just get down under the car and look. Just clarifying, i do know where to look for problems. thanks for the info on the gas tank. I dont think it has that issue with the pinholes, i believe it just has old, nasty, smelly gas in it. I figure ill do my gas can setup and then clean up the fuel linings and change the fuel filter when i get it home to my nice warm garage:) the simple standard tunup stuff will definately get this car back on the road if the body and frame are in the condition that she claims they are in. Im sure ill be posting alot on here in the next couple of weeks. I will be going through the carburetor, changing the oil, plugs and wires, air filter, tires, and popping out dents and sanding/sealing rust spots. I also plan on sanding the points and checking the timing. I have one more question, do you guys think that a standard donut spare would fit on that maverick? You said 4 or 5 lug. Does that mean i can just use any wheel and tire with 4 or 5 holes? Thanks for all the help guys, KT
  3. It does run on the gas in the tank but it runs like crap. I will be pulling the spark plugs as well to check for fouling and all that stuff. I will also make sure all plugs have spark too. I am definately not going to just believe what the owner says. I know i can get burned if i was to do such a thing:D I do know what to look for and i will also have my uncle Chad with me to determine some things and double check after im done. I have used craigslist quite a bit. I'm way more equainted with motorcycles than cars but i know the basics. I dont plan on really restoring this car. I want to make it... my own:) You know, glass packs and matte black paintjob!!!! i cant wait to check it out. Thank you for the reply. Do you know anything about the lug count on the wheels? Im guessing 5 lug but im just wondering if i can take any 5 lug wheel and throw it on there? I was also wondering what size tire. Let me know whats up guys, KT
  4. Hello everyone. Thank you for all the comments on my last thread, I really appreciate it. I finally got around to talking with the lady that owns The maverick and she says that everything is solid all the way around. No rust holes through the body Anywhere except for the few small ones in the engine compartment. Also the frame is in great shape. She said the only problems with it at the moment Are the bad gas and flat tires on the driver side. Im pretty confident that this car, beings it is older, has a mechanical fuel pump under the hood? I figured i would just get one of those little 2 gallon gas cans and fill it with fresh gas. What im wondering about the fuel pump is, It has an input side and an output side right? Can i just pop the main fuel line coming from the gas tank off of the mechanical fuel pump and pop on some fuel line of my own and stick it into my little 2 gallon gas can? this would be my supplementary tank to get the car home. THIS WOULD BE COMPLETELY TEMPORARY... just to get it home. I live 30 minutes away from where This beasty has been sleeping:) So after the fuel problem was taken care of and if it starts up and runs good like she says it will, i still need some good tires for that driver side. I was wondering what the lug pattern was and the tire size. I was hoping it has size 15 tires because i have a brand new spare that i could swap out depending on how many lugs the car has. Then i figure i would just use a donut spare or something like that to get it home. Do you guys think i could do these things to get it home? Thanks guys, KT
  5. PS, just so you guys dont think im a rich litte monster who gets everything given to him, i figured i would clarify.. this is the very first vehicle my parents have ever bought for me. The KZ1000, all the parts it took to get it running, all the work, i did that:) im sorry but everone on these types of forums seem to judge me because of my age so i figure i would clear that up:D
  6. Well, im new here and im looking for an opinion. My real name is Timothy and im 15 years old. since christmas time is here, my mom decided to go crazy and get me somthing to drive. I wanted a crappy little dirtbike to fix up and then beat the **** out of but i lost interest in that idea since i have a 1981 KZ1000LTD waiting for me for next summer(i Bought and built this bike) Then I found this car on craigslist for 300 dollars and im wondering if i should get it. its a 1970 Ford maverick with the 4.1 litre straight 6 i believe. Not sure if its the Grabber sport model or not. Has a title and supposedly he can start it for me and it WAS drivable. I think it needs a fuel pump but im not sure if its the same add that was on there a year ago. little to no rust on anything as far as i can see in the pictures and everything looks to be dirty and cleanable. So, the big question, should i buy it? what do you guys think? can i maybe flip it and make some cash if i get it running perfect and clean it up? Also was looking for some information on this car. I was curious if it was a manual or an automatic. i like manual more but either is ok. I heard these have a 3 speed manual but i want a second opinion. Heres the link to the add on craigslist. 1970 Ford Maverick There it is, any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, KT
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