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  1. Looking for the correct (telecoping into tube behind fender) antenna for 1950 DeSoto. Will pay very fair price plus ship to zip 12804. Irv
  2. Looking to buy following NOS or used 1950 DeSoto parts: 1) 3-section, retractable Radio antenna assembly (antenna, mount, and retraction tube) 2) Interior drive side (LH) door handle & spring-loaded escutcheon plate 3) Signal switch arm (preferably with ivory colored plastic end) 4) Hood-to-cowl rubber weather seal 5) Back-up light chrome bezels (L & R) 6) " Custom" door plates/scripts (L & R) 7) Left Tail Light Chrome bezel 8) Amber (lighted) hood ornament DeSoto face 9) Rear fender chrome stone shields 10) License plate chrome bezel and lens 11) Rubber door sills (bottom step plates) 12) Rear bumper chrome guards (L & R) 13) Front chrome upper grille extensions (long pieces - partially wrap around front fenders) 14) Front chrome lower grille extensions (short pieces) Note: Red text indicate "most needed" items All items must be excellent NOS or used condition Will pay fair price and shipping costs to zip code 12804
  3. Rusty - Any chance you found the carb? If so, could you email me some pictures (various angles) as well as asking price, etc. My email: irv_dem@roadrunner.com Thanks ...................Irv
  4. Looking to buy a NOS or professionally rebuilt carb for a 1950 DeSoto S-14 (flathead 6 cyl, 238 c.i.). From the information I have been able to gleen from the internet, I believe this would be a Carter (Ball and Ball mfg for Chrysler Corp.) single barrel having the number E7L4. Any and all leads/responses/possible sources appreciated. Willing to pay a very fair price plus shipping to zip code 12804 Thanks, Irv D.
  5. Looking to buy a NOS or preofessionally rebuilt carburetor for a 1950 DeSoto. The orginal is a Carter (Ball and Ball Corporation) mfg for Chrysler Corp. From what information I have been able to gleen from the internet, I believe the correct number for the carb is EL74. Willing to pay a fair price plus shipping to zip code 12804. Any and all responses/leads appreciated. Thanks, Irv D.
  6. The car sold on Ebay this a.m. - was also listed in the BUY/SELL forum, and has been noted as sold, there, also.
  7. Thanks to all who responded, gave tips for selling, nice comments, etc. Car was sold this a.m. to a man in Florida. I bought the car in FL 5 years ago. Seems like it wanted to return to its former home, but maybe not for long. The new owner said he is purchasing the car to ship to his son - who lives in Finland. His son is going to love this beautiful car. Irv D
  8. 1976 LINCOLN ---------SOLD on Ebay 4/24/2015. I will be posting several more of our classic cars for sale - in the next few days. (1950 Desotos, 60 Rambler American, 66 Mustang, 67 VW Beetle sunroof and 71 Dodge Dart) Thanks to all who viewed/responded to the Lincoln posting. Irv D
  9. John - Thanks for your comment about posting pics & price for the Rambler. Actually, I am going to post info and pics for all the cars we have an intnet to sell. It may take me a few days to get to it, as we had a recent death of one of our church family members, but they will all be posted within the next several days (1950 DeSoto Custom, 4 door sedan), 1950 DeSoto 2 door cllub coupe, 1960 Rambler American Custom 2 door sedan, 1966 For Mustang coupe, 1967 VW Beetle w/sunroof, 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger 2 dr coupe and - the 1976 Lincoln, currently posted). Keep an eye out................these are all very nice original cars, low mileage - true survivors. Irv
  10. Thanks for your inquiry about the Rambler. It is a 1960 American Custom, 2 Door Sedan. I very recently bought the car with no intent to sell - but some health issues merit reconsideration. Please email me at irv_dem@roadrunner.com and I will send pics and price to you. Irv D
  11. Assuming you are speaking about the Dodge Dart - not the Lincoln. Yes, and as far as I know - never had a repaint. Of course, that is the intake manifold which does not get extremely hot - unlike the exhaust manifold, which is now starting to show some rust from the heat. I believe I have had the car close to 6 years now.
  12. Thanks for responding to my inquiry about wanting to purchase a 1950 DeSoto steering wheel.From the looks of the pics you posted - it appears that the steering wheel pictured (red dashboard) is perhaps of a 1953 or 1954 and is DIFFERENT than that on a 1950/1951. However, one of the other pictures appears to be the rear (exterior, green color) of a 1950 or 1951 DeSoto. If you have a steering wheel from the green car (in decent condition) or other parts from that car, I would most likely be interested. Please send me a Private Message (PM) or call me (518) 792-6830 and we can discuss it further. Thanks..............Irv D
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