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  1. Agreed! Went 7” on my last speedster, decided to go the other way this time. A friend has his at 8” on 21” wires...did rip the plug out on the trailer once.
  2. Z is done, less gussets and grinding welds. Tacked the front cross member in and stacked up the wheels. By the time I was done cutting and grinding and repeating...WB is 90.5” and the rear drop is 6”. Learning as I go.
  3. just a boring ol’ T flat motor with some pretty dress up bits. All the aluminum bits were made by Jerry Sherman out of SoCal in the 60’s and 70’s. The head is a recent repro of his work. Matco cross drive mag set up. Have to figure out the intake, but I have an idea. Carb will be something with a large hole and a barrel valve.
  4. What a great mini-Napier! Kids today wouldn’t even understand. What? Does it move under its own Power?
  5. blauvelt

    20's frame

    How many cars at that time had tubular axle ends? Not a stutz, wrong rear frame bits. Not Lincoln or la salle. I’ll keep looking.
  6. Of course, I have had a helper.
  7. Started a bit of sheet metal, bought 18 gauge, ‘cause I am smart, and like a challenge.
  8. This was a long Sunday afternoon, reshaped the main leaf by hand, cold. Obviously will have to have a new one made.
  9. Been making some progress, but came to a halt this week. Started making the floor and found that not was all as it should be. Had been taking most of the body measurements from the front of the frame rails, back. Seems one is a bit longer than the other by about 1/4 of an inch. Which made me pause. Had planned on building a body, then breaking it all down and doing the frame. But now I don’t trust any of it. So, complete the frame first. This is a rough run out of what I got done.
  10. It is a bummer, took the wind out of the proverbial sails. Yours came out nice!
  11. thanks Greg, are there any shops that can make new rims? Or has anyone had any luck cleaning the bead edge up by welding? I have 4 good wheels and 5 rims, the rims are in rough shape.
  12. a real Saab 93 Monte Carlo would really float the proverbial boat.
  13. looked there and Universal, didn’t see anything that had that inside (face)? Kinda new to this type of wheel, any thoughts? Thank you.
  14. Evening, for my QuaranTine project, working on my T. Have a set of Firestone 5 lug 30 x 3.5” T wheels that badly need new rims. Anyone know where I can have a set made or buy? thanks, Doug
  15. oh, well. Amongst other fun, dropped my radiator and bent it significantly. Rather sad. But, where this is a hiccup, there is a opportunity. Slight reboot in a different direction. Stock T frame, 7 1/4" drop, 93 1/2" WB. 7" engine set back. Stacked up some other bits. Going to be far less exciting and I hope to continue the forward momentum.
  16. Long term hunt. Currently working on a ‘15 T speedster.
  17. Evening, Anyone have an interesting AAA limit 305 cu inch 4 banger from before the Great War they would like part with? Have a 2 and a half year old that is yearning to turn wrenches, or just get really greasy. You be the judge. Thanks, Doug
  18. For the head, having never seen the CC from a Studebaker, how does it look? Just looking at the deck, you should be able to get a nice bit of quench over the top of the piston. Will you have any work done to the block to "improve" things?
  19. Bit of progress this Sunday, mocked up the radiator and the supports / hood sills. Checked the rear drop mock up with the new gas tank. Played around with the hood and built a rough fire wall. Not sure if I like the pinched hood top, will play around with a cowl and see if I like it more or less.
  20. Somewhere and at some time this will move from mock up to fire up. Did the first round when we were all on lock down for Harvey, which was a few weeks after our first kid was born. Been collecting bits and bobs for a T speedster. Nothing of particular note, except it will have an aluminum warford and an engine, oh, and a steering wheel, those are important.
  21. Absolutely brilliant piece of work. Been a while since I went through an entire thread. If I may offer a bit of my personal preference, bring the centerline of the steering wheel hub up a bit more, this will help you get more varied hand placement options on the steering wheel, being able to get your hands on both the bottom and top of the wheel can be very helpful in quicky/twitchy/spinning situations. Personally, I set the centerline of the wheel on a big car at about the middle of my chest. Thank you again for sharing this amazing build.
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