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  1. Thanks Fred By chance would you know if the 68 fenders are the same as the 69.What kind of shape are the in ? an of course how much are you asking for them . Thanks for the info on the skywagon web site
  2. Thanks Thriller-Derek That me 44455FL1 all I need to find out now is what does the FL1 stand for in doing that I mite find out witch moter it came with.I would still like to find out what color the car came from the fact.
  3. Thanks Thriller-Derek That is what I am looking for some one that could break down the vin code an tell me witch do we have the basic or the custem. 2seat 5916 custon 2seat 4614 Does that mean that there was a total of 10,530 2seat models made are is it saying that there was only 1302 of the basic made. my car has power windows an power breaks would that tell me any thing.
  4. Yes Buick-Mike I also beleave that the sportwagon fendors are differant if for no other reson other then the added holes for the placement of the special trim.Fabrication is my day job been doing that for 30 yrs now .Yes it could be a can of worms but on the other hand once you have worked out the bugs it gives you a real good feeling.The car is not an everyday driver so having it down for a couple of weeks would not be a problem.Yhanks for your thoughts Terry
  5. NTX5467 It is obvious that you are a very intelligent person. And you have given me many things to think about. As for the car becoming a "changed vehicle' goes: I hate to say, we got it before checking out photos of other sportwagons. We did not realise that it did not come with the corect fenders. And I was not even thinking about it coming with a lugage rack. We did know that it was coming with a chevy 350 combo which I did not like and can not understand why a person would do such a thing. It should be a crime!!! Yes, I know it is easy and cheap to find them. So what would the value of the car be worth. If I thought that this car was a rare find, I would most likely keep it as near to stock as possible and what wasn't stock I would keep for something else. LOL I will have to do some reading up on the 430. I am pretty sure that it's what my Dads old wildcat came with. It sure surprized me how that big old car ran and I know it sure impressed me when I was a teenager. I know I had a 1965 Olds that had a 425 with 10.25 comp single 4bbl with a powerguide and it would leave half of the coopers there on the pavement and that the car weighed 4600 lbs, I never did check the rear gears but it sure was hard to beat it off of the line. I am looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts. Hmmm, I do still have the old 425 spare motor. What kind of Buick do you have ?
  6. Thanks for all the input guys. With the little bit that we know about this old girl we can see all of the potential. NTX5467 very interesting thoughts on the trans options. How could we not even have the powerglide or munice or even an overdrive manual trans in are thoughts. And as for as the rear gear goes it will be around 4;11 .Yes I know a 350 2bbl runs good But I prescribe to more power .I do so enjoy spanking stangs,camaros and rice burners.It just my luck I decide on the 455 possibly a stroker ? How many cubes can we get out of a 455? Of course now that I'm thinking of this gas is over three dollars a gallon. LOL
  7. Thanks Fred I do not really know why but I would like to find out what motor it came with when we got it. it came with yuk chevy 350 and a 350 turbo.But I can tell you it will be going back/ All buick 455 undecided on trans as of now.
  8. Hi Roberta! By any chance is there a guide or a template on the positioning of the vents for the fenders. We will work on getting pics and nice collection of cars
  9. Thanks Pete for the info. Is there anyway you can tell me about the size motor or other options? What part of the code can you tell about the descriptions you have given me so far? Where can I pick up the Buick bugle? I live in Pensacola, Florida. Thanks again
  10. Thanks Ben We are tring to find out anything we could about the car Like what size moter it came with,What coler did it start out as We have allready found out that came with shylark fenders So now we are looking for the correct sportwagon fenders.An thanks we did start a new thread
  11. Hello All! I need some assistance on my newly acquired 68' Buick Sportwagon. Any help would be appreciated. I'm trying to find out the original factory specs, color, and options. I also need to find a luggage rack and front fenders. The numbers on the tag are as follows: O6D ST 68-44455FL1 329583Body TR 183 T-T Paint Thanks for your valuable time and effort.
  12. Hello All my name is Terry me an the better half have just add to are house a 1968 sportwagon An we are hoping you fine people can help us out some O6D ST #68-44455FL1 329583Body TR 183 T-T Paint Thanks for your time an help